About Us

This website has been uniquely designed to provide free valuable information and resources for the parents, teens, teachers, social workers and educators.  When you read an article on this website, observe that the contents on each side of the article most times relate to that article. Consider  utilizing different resources to further enhance your ability to address the needs of your family or others.  Always remember, it’s important to invest wisely in your family by researching information regarding the issues you are facing with your teen or children.

We focus on providing practical information to assist parents in building a strong family foundation. We provide life skills workshops (Importance of Family: How to Connect) for parents and anger management workshops (Keys to Success) for children, teens and adults. We believe the family is the foundation of society. The information is applicable to educators, and social workers

Our goal is to provide parents with tools to build great relationships within their family.

Resource materials: We have developed the following resource materials to aid parents, teachers, social workers and youth workers. The following materials are available at  by clicking on the link below:

Keys to Success: Getting Control of Mr. and Mrs. Attitude and Temper, Student Workbook
• Keys to Success: Getting Control of Mr. and Mrs. Attitude and Temper, Teacher’s Guide
• Behind The Eyes of Juvenile Delinquents

We sincerely hope you will take the time to enjoy the information prepared just for you. It takes time, commitment and unconditional love to build a successful family. A tool is worthless if it is not use properly. Please choose a tool that will benefit your family. Invest wisely in your family and your return on investment will be great.

To learn more about us visit www.envicareinc.com