The Pandemic in The World

Friday, May 24, 2020

Every nation needs to unit to fight against the coronavirus. This common enemy is impacting the lives of peoples around the world.  It doesn’t care about your ethnic background. Every day people around the world are dying including families and friends. The first responders are dying, getting sick, overwhelmed with stressed because they care tremendously for the peoples they are serving.  They are heroes on the front lines to protect us. They are putting their lives on the line in a selfless manner. Let’s congratulate them for their acts of service to the world.

The leaders of the world in every nation should put their selfish interest away and aggressively work together to combat this deadly and crippling enemy to the world health and the economy. We need a cure for the coronavirus if we are to survive. It’s impacting our economy at an alarming rate. There will be a lack of food for the consumers because the farmers and distribution centers are being impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. More people will be starving around the world due to the lack of food. Unemployment will continue to grow and peoples’ hearts will go cold and create additional problems because they are trying to survive.

I’m hopeful and pray God will intervene to helps us to overcome this pandemic before we destroy ourselves because of the panic and selfish desires. I encourage everyone to follow the guidelines as specified by your government and the Center for Diseases and Control (CDC.). Please wear your face mask and comply with social distancing.

We can overcome this together by the grace of God. Let’s pray fervently for our families, leaders, researchers and those on the frontline to save lives and for those whose family member have passed away.

God is definitely aware of the pandemic we are facing around the world.  We must not give up on hope but trust God to help us. We must do our part to stay safe and don’t hurt others.

Written By: Billy J. Strawter, Sr.

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