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An Amazing New Life and Home

Revelation 21:1-17; John 14:1-7

Points to Ponder

  1. We will see the transformation of heaven and earth (Revelation 21:1).
  2. God will dwell on earth with us because of his divine love for humanity (Revelation 21:2-3).
  3. We will be purified of our sinful ways (Revelation 21:4).
  4. We will have a new beginning greater than anything we can envision because we have remained faithful (Revelation 21:5-7).
  5. Those of us with an unrepentant heart and engrossed in ungodly behaviors will not have a new life with God (Revelation 21:8).
  6. God shows honor to his people for their faithfulness (Revelation 21:9-14).
  7. God’s earthly home will be amazing to see and enjoy for eternity (Revelation 21:15-17).

Something to Consider

God has revealed his perfect plan for Christians. He gives hope through the Revelation of John. It’s clearly written in the scripture that God’s love for us is remarkable and unwavering. He will live with us on earth. He will transform everything for his glory. We are privileged to be a part of an amazing new life with God and our family.  We must embrace His promises as we observe moral values decaying in this world.  We must share the hope we believe about God’s incredible promises:

(1) He will wipe away every tear from our eyes. 

(2) There will be no more death.

(3) Neither shall there be mourning,

(4) There will be no crying.

(5) There will be no pain.

(6) God will live with us.

(7) There will be a new earth and new heaven.

We will have an amazing new life and home. We must eagerly share the future hope we have in Jesus to everyone before it’s too late.

Devotional: Mercy and Grace Shall Follow Me

April 16, 2020

9:00 am.

Psalm 23 English Standard Version

The Lord Is My Shepherd

A Psalm of David.

23 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
    He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.[a]
    He restores my soul.
He leads me in paths of righteousness[b]
    for his name’s sake.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,[c]
    I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
    your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me
    in the presence of my enemies;
you anoint my head with oil;
    my cup overflows.
Surely[d] goodness and mercy[e] shall follow me
    all the days of my life,
and I shall dwell[f] in the house of the Lord

My favorite childhood scripture we had to memorize in church. It’s still applicable today during these difficult times.

We have a great responsibility to remember God’s words. Here are some keys words to focus on:

1. Green pastures

2. Still waters

3. Restores

4. Righteousness

5. Fear no evil

6. You are with me

7. Rod and staff comfort me

8. Table in the presence of my enemies

9. Anoint my head with oil

10. Cup overflows

11. Goodness and Mercy

12. Dwell, forever in the house

We can trust these ancient words as David did and his ancestors. Jesus has already prepared a place for his peoples until the earth is renewed to its original glory. Jesus will live with us on earth forever. Let’s work together until He returns to earth.

Prayer: Lord, I trust you to the fullest even if I loose everything. My faith will sustain me regardless of the difficulties of life but I trust you to give me strength to endure because I cannot do it alone.

In Jesus Name Amen

(c) Billy J. Strawter, Sr

Jesus Amazing Arrival into Jerusalem

Matthew 21:1-11; Zechariah 9:9; Isaiah 62:11

Palm Sunday, May 5, 2020

Points to Ponder

  1. When Jesus sends you on a mission you must follow His detailed instruction (Matthew 21:1-3).
  2. Jesus had to fulfill the ancient of days biblical prophies as written in the Old Testament to reconcile us to God (Mathew 21:4-5, Zechariah 9:9, Isaiah 62:11).
  3. It’s very important to follow the instructions of Jesus and to make personal sacrifices for our savior (Mathew 21:6-8).
  4. Jesus has many ways of impacting peoples’ lives to deliver them from their destructive ways (Matthew 21:9-11).

Something to consider

Today we celebrate Palm Sunday because Jesus chose to come from heaven to sacrifice himself for the atonement of our sins. Jesus chose two of the 12 disciples to get the donkey and her colt. The disciples trusted Jesus’ strange requests and took the journey of faith. They returned with the donkey and her colt as requested. 

They didn’t deviate from Jesus’s instruction. It was interesting Jesus didn’t want the donkey and her colt separated probably to keep the mother calm.  Jesus is always concerned about situations which might have negative and positive impact in our lives. Jesus’ loves us it’s guaranteed his love will never perish.

We must love, support, help and encourage others during these difficult times for the glory of God as we celebrate Palm Sunday and Easter. Let’s have an amazing entrance into the lives others who don’t know Jesus.

He loves us and has given us a free will to make choices.  Jesus constantly displays his love through us to others daily.  We must remain in the world and sacrifice our lives assisting others for the glory of God. 

The disciples and the peoples in Jerusalem saw his amazing love based on His past actions.  Jesus was on his final journey before his life would be given up for the sins of the world. His purpose was to reconcile us to God Almighty. 

We are on a journey everyday of our lives for the glory of God whether we believe it or not.  We must aggressively pray for God intervention to strengthen us and empower us to trust Him during these difficult times in the world.

Let’s triumphally enter the lives of those needing assistance regardless of their social status.  God wants us to work together for humanity and for the protection of our environment. Jesus wants to inter into your life today and every day. If you don’t know Christ. Please repent of your sin and accept Jesus as your personal savior and you shall be saved. He expects a tremendous change in your life.  I encourage you to read and meditate on God’s Word and fellowship

(c) 2020 Billy J. Strawter, Sr

How to Get My Parents to Take Me Off Punishment?

Advice to Teenagers

You must endure the remaining time you have on punishment at home. I encourage you to complete your homework which will improve your school work and grades. One month isn’t too long compared to the amount of time you could spend in a Juvenile Detention Center for truancy.

You violated your parents trust which will take time to rebuild.  It appears you are more interested in getting off punishment verses reflecting on the wrong choices you made. Please apologize to your parents and make every effort to make right choices in the future. Your parents know you are not perfect. They want you to be successful in life. It’s not easy being a parent but we do our best to be responsible parents. We love our children unconditionally.

Your parents love you and they want the best for you. It’s important for you to re-establish your relationship with your parents.  Take the time to be the a wonderful son your parents expect of you. One day you will get married and become a father and a wonderful role model for your children.  Your parents are being great role models for you. I’m hopeful you will do the same in the future for your family.

(c) 2020 EnviCare Consulting, Inc. Alrights Reserved Worldwide

Hope in The Midst of the Storm

Hope in The Midst of the Storm

1 King 19:1-18

Have you every been in the midst of a storm and felt nothing but hopelessness. You are not alone and I hope and pray you will be encouraged by this devotional. You must always trust God while you are in the midst of your storm.

Points to Ponder

1. Sometimes an unexpected storm will come in our lives (1 King 19:1-2).

2. There may be a time when the storm (hopelessness, stress, depression, self-doubt) of life will get the best of us (1 King 19:3-4).

3. God will provide spiritual nourishment during the storm in our lives (1 King 19:5-9).

4. You can be zealous for God but still face many dangerous storms but you are not alone (1 King 19:9-10).

5. We must always remain hopeful and trust God to carry us through the storm (1 King 19:11-13).

6. God will always give us strength to overcome any storm we face (1 Corinthians 10:13).

7. God is willing to hear our perspective regarding the storm in our life (1 King 19:14).

8. We can always expect God to send helpers our way when we are in the midst of the storm (1 King 19:15-17).

9. God will always preserve a remnant of people who will not compromise their faith both young and old (1 King 19:18).

Something to Consider

As long as we live, we will face storms in our lives. They will suddenly appear just like a severe thunder storm during spring and summer months or anytime. The storms will cause tremendous lost of life and property.

However, God always give believers and nonbelievers the ability to overcome the storm. There will be times when the storm may overwhelm us but it will never overcome us if we put our hope and trust in God. He will strengthen us during the storm.

The storms might be the results of natural disasters, and conflict within the family, friends, health issues, death, or disagreements with society because of our belief.
Elijah knew God but he felt lonely, hopeless, stress, depression, and doubt because Jezebel wanted his life because he had her false prophets killed. He felt alone because he was the only prophet left. Elijah wanted to die but when God was ready He responded to Elijah and addressed him in love to encourage him, he was not alone and would receive help. God gave him the help necessary to perform the task.

Regardless of our faithfulness and strength, we must always be prepared when the storm arrives in our lives. God will help us by sending others in our lives to encourage us to remain faithful and trust in Him in the midst of the storm or God Almighty may do something supernaturally.

Are you trusting God in the midst of the storm?
(c) 2015 Devotional by Billy J. Strawter, Sr.