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Changes Teenagers Need of Their Father to Improve Relationship

Have you ever had the desire for someone to change their negative behavior because it was destroying or damaging the relationship? I am quite sure your answer is probably, yes! As a parent, I have made many mistakes but I always valued our teenagers’ perspective on things. Sometimes we disagreed but we did everything we could to prevent damaging the relationship. My greatest desire was to always respect my adolescents’ opinions.

Video: Stategies for a father to improve relationship with their teenager

Listed below are changes teenagers said they needed of their father to improve their relationship:

 Sierra: “My father and I have a good relationship. But I know I have a lot of hostility against him because of how much he drinks. I don’t. normally let the hostility out but sometimes I do. I know sometime it hurt but it hurts me to watch him drink every day.”

Sara wants her father to stop drinking because of the damage the alcohol is doing to her father physically and emotionally. She was very concerned about the impact on their relationship. I hope that one day Sierra’s father will stop drinking so that her life will be better as they rebuild their relationship. Her father needs to seek help to stop drinking. I pray and hope he will make a commitment to get help.

Frank: “My pop needs to listens to me more often

 Vanessa: “My father needs to talk to me instead of arguing with me.”

Dallas: “My father needs to spend more time with me and be there for me without yelling at me. Talk to me instead of yelling at me.”

Tammy: “My daddy needs to be in my life more.  Daddy needs to understand where I am coming from about everything.”

Hillary: “I wish my dad would come to see me more often and spend time with me. I also want my dad to love me in spite of all the mistakes I have made!”

Ruby: “My father needs to talk to me more often and don’t tell me he’s going to do things for me and then he doesn’t follow through”

Comments on teenagers’ responses to question

Adolescents are wonderful to be around to engage in a conversation about life. Teens are very intelligent but some have deficiencies in life skills which may and may not be as a result of their doing. These teenagers shared their feelings but sometimes they fail to share their feelings with their father. Listed below are 16 steps every father in the world should consider to improve their relationship with their teenager:

Fifteen (16) steps for a father to improve relationship with their teenager

  1. Always keep your promise
  2. Do not make a promise you can’t keep
  3.  Explain why you can’t keep the promise before hand, if the promise must be broken
  4. Avoid substance of abuse to prevent damaging the relationship with your teenager.
  5. Take time to listen and give advice only when your teenager ask for it
  6.  Do not yell at your teenager but speak firmly with a loving and caring heart
  7.  Make spending time with your teenager a high priority
  8.  Avoid working when you are spending time with your teenager
  9. Communicate your feelings with respect to your teenager during conflict
  10. Do not give material things as a substitute to spending time with your teenager
  11. Model being a great father to your youth
  12. Teach your teenager the life skills needed to be successful
  13. Show unconditional love regardless of the number of wrong choices your youngster makes
  14. Model to your adolescent the value of serving others
  15. Value your teenager’s opinion as a supportive father building a relationship your teenager
  16. Show your teenager what it means to be committed to a relationship

Written: Billy J.  Strawter, Sr

(c) 2012 EnviCare Consulting, Inc.   All rights reserved

Strategies Parents Can Use to Control Attitude and Temper

Listed below are simple strategies parents can use to control their feelings and emotions when faced with major obstacles.  If you are facing problems in a relationship; such as the workplace or with your children, these simple strategies will work.  Parents, you face many challenges every day whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom or dad.

Parents, it is very important to understand the magnitude of the daily challenges you face. If you deal with them improperly, you can damage your relationship with your teenager and younger children as well as with your spouse if married. When you are out of control, undesirable negative consequences may occur.  Life is never simple but the more resources you have in your arsenal to combat difficult issues during conflicts, you will become more successful.

Listed below are potential negative consequences due to uncontrolled attitude and temper.

Negative Consequences of Uncontrolled Attitude and Temper

  • Closed mindedness
  • Create insecurity Reduced creativity, innovation & productivity
  • Fosters Broken relationships
  • Lead to physical sickness
  • Creates uncontrolled depression and stress
  • Use of drugs, tobacco and alcohol
  • Isolate self from peers
  • Perform just enough to complete the task
  • Abandon responsibility
  • Poor eating habits
  • Foster Low self-esteem
  • Lead to potential divorce
  • Negative impact on family and others
  • Lead to potential incarceration
  • loss of credibility
  • Leads to negative impact on character
  • Causes an individual to potential run away from responsibilities

Strategies to Control Attitude and Temper

  • Motivate self and others to move in the same direction
  • Accept changes
  • Accept constructive criticism
  • Avoid being jealous of peers
  • Avoid overreacting to a negative situation
  • Take time out before you react to a negative situation
  • Apologize when you are wrong or hurt a person’s feelings and or emotions
  • Avoid over use of your power
  • Believe in self and others
  • Communicate precisely and consistently with each other
  • Communicate your feelings with respect
  • Take time to relax and exercise
  • Eat a balanced and nutrient meal
  • Encourage each other to be innovative and creative
  • Perform regardless of the obstacles you face
  • Forgive those who disappoint or hurt you, it limits the pain
  • Take time to relax and exercise
  • Network when necessary to accomplish success
  • Resolve conflict quickly without submitting to Mr. and Mrs. Attitude and Temper

I am convinced that the greatest challenge we face as parents and individuals is the task of controlling our attitude and temper.  I hope with a sincere heart that those of you struggling with controlling your attitude and temper that you seek the help you need. This is necessary to avoid destroying relationships you have with your family and others.  You must believe that you can control Mr. and Mrs. Attitude and Temper which is you.  I pray you will have the commitment and strength to apply the above simple strategies to control attitude and temper.

Written: Mr. Wisdom

(c) 2011 EnviCare Consulting, Inc.                              All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Parents Reflect on The Importance of Attending A Parenting Workshop

 I have decided to share with my followers the reflections of parents who attended a parenting workshop. The parenting workshop focused on strategies useful for parents to raise and build better relationship with their children. As a reader, I hope you will obtain additional insight on changes you might need to enhance your parenting skills as it relates to your family.  There are duplications but it was necessary to communicate what parents have in common.  I believe their reflections on parenting skills are beneficial to individuals with children and individuals that plan to have children in the future.  I personally enjoyed reading their comments. As you read about what parents learned and what parents will do differently, you will observe that the common strategies needed to improve parenting skills are:

  • Listen better
  • Stop yelling
  • Discontinue walking away from the child
  • Improve communication
  •  Be more patient

 Listed below are parents’ reflections after they attended a parenting skills workshop:

 Parents Share The Things They Learned During A Parenting Workshop

  •  How to deal better with my children
  • I learned a lot about new ways to deal with my kids
  • Parenting skills
  • Learned new techniques and skills to use when parenting
  • Set goals boundaries and consequences. Tools to deal with confrontation
  • I need to listen to my children more than I am doing
  • I was a refresher
  • I learned ways to interact with my child
  • How to communicate with family and how good the teacher taught us
  • Take time and listen
  • Techniques to help me better in parenting my children
  • Think a lot more before I react
  • You get what you put into parenting
  • How to be a better parent and person
  • That you should listen to your children
  • Listen to your kids and never walk away from them
  • To listen to our children
  • Family values and how to be an effective parent.
  • How to listen before I speak
  • Listen and don’t walk away
  • I learned parenting is hard but with the right parenting skills and tools it can lead to a successful child
  • How to take the time to listen to my children before reacting
  • I learned I wasn’t the only one with these types of problems
  • How to talk to my children better
  • I learn a lot about myself and what I can do to improve my parenting skills
  • It was nice to be present with other parents going through the same thing

 Parents Share The Things They Will Do Differently After Attending A Parenting Workshop

  •  Listen more
  • Take time to really listen for my kids
  • Listen to my kids
  • Listen to my child more
  • Must listen and communicate more with my children
  • I will listen more and give them more power
  • Listen better
  • Open up the lines of communication with my daughter
  • Communicate with my family and try to stop arguing
  • I have learned a lot of things I will implement ASAP. The first thing I am going to do is stop yelling
  • I will listen to the needs of our child. Communicate with them and walk together in all areas of life
  • Listen before speaking and reacting
  • Try to listen better
  • Treat my children with respect
  • I will change the way and manner of approaching my children.
  • Listen before I speak
  • I will listen and I won’t walk away
  • I will improve my listening skills and spend more time talking and understanding my child
  • I will listen and not react negatively to my children
  • I will not to walk away from my child when angry. I will sit and listen
  • Spend more time with my children
  • I will be more patient and listen better
  • I won’t don’t yell and walk away when I get mad

 Written by:  Mr. Wisdom

(c) EnviCare Consulting, Inc.                                                   All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Simple Ways Parents Can Discipline A Teenager

One of the most challenging aspects of being a parent is disciplining a teenager when they have made wrong choices; especially when they have violated your trust.  Parents also struggle with who will be the disciplinarian when actually both should be. It is imperative that parents work in unison when it comes to discipline. If you don’t, the teenager will foster disagreement between their parents.

A teenager knows how to steal your heart with their eyes and pitiful looks when being disciplined.  Don’t give into the teenager unless you have strong reasons to believe the negative behavior will discontinue.  Listed below are some guidelines you should follow when it comes to disciplining your teenagers.

  1. Disciplining should be based on the teenager’s current negative behavior: Avoid bring up the past even though it might be the same negative behavior. Your teenager already knows about the problem.  You should remain focused on dealing with the current problem. Make sure you listen and avoid yelling and screaming. Communicate your feelings about the situation with a calm and strong voice.  Above all, it is very important that you listen carefully to your teenager.
  2. Never use discipline as a dumping ground for your personal conflict with others: If you have a personal problem with someone else, please don’t allow it to impact how you respond to your teenager. If you can’t calm yourself, you need to wait until later before you deal with your teenager.  You need to focus on thinking clearly and calmly as you deal with your teenager’s issues.
  3. Use appropriate disciplinary actions for each teenager: Every teenager is different so choose the right disciplinary actions that will give the most benefits in changing the teenager’s negative behavior.  When a teenager is very popular, a good method is to take away privileges. (No phone, no friends for two weeks, etc.). For example, our son was popular, smart, involved with sports and had an abundance of friends.  So we had to utilize a variety of disciplinary actions. His punishments included taking away the car or phone and staying away from friends.  If you have a teenager that sits at home, it’s more challenging to discipline them. For example, our daughter focused on one friend at a time. She loved staying at home. So we decided her punishment would be to walk around the block. She would say “This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.”  But the punishment was very effective and changed her behavior.
  4. Use a variety of disciplinary actions to deter the teenager’s negative behavior: By utilizing the same disciplinary action over and over again, the teenager will eventually become desensitized.  Parents should employ multiple types of disciplinary actions to deter the teenager’s negative behavior.  Apply consequences that will not put you in bondage, the teenager should be affected more than the parents.
  5. Disciplinary actions should be designed to eliminate or minimize the teenager’s negative behavior: When a teenager’s negative behavior does not change after disciplining, there could be some event that is causing the negative behavior that you don’t know.  You should sit down with your child and present them with an opportunity to express their feelings. It is the parent’s responsibility to listen intently to what the teenager has articulated or not articulated. Avoid becoming frustrated if you don’t understand your teenager’s issues. Your teenager’s negative behavior could be a result of stress, substance abuse, bullying, divorce, relationships, pregnancy, jealousy, academics, sexual transmitted diseases, rape, peer pressure, incest, sibling rivalry or other issues.  If you need outside assistance with your teenager don’t hesitate to get help.  Make sure you seek the right type of counselor for your teenager.
  6. Discipline must be a continuous and consistent process which sets boundaries for the teenager: Avoid reducing your teenager’s punishment because you are worn down as a result of the teenager’s constant nagging. Your teen will take advantage of your weakness. You and your spouse should be in agreement about the disciplinary action.
  7. Discipline shows the teenager the consequences of breaking those boundaries: Teenagers need to know and understand that there are boundaries not to cross and to understand the consequences for breaking those boundaries. Teenagers need to understand that boundaries are established for their protection.
  8. Avoid disciplining a teenager out of anger:  Try to understand the reason(s) for negative behavior:  Parents, you must stay in control when using discipline.  Do not yell nor use words that will damage your teenager’s self-esteem. You will be more effective in dealing with the situation, when you treat your teen with respect.
  9. Discipline the teenager with a caring and compassionate heart: Parents, you should always discipline your teenager in ways that do not attack your teen’s character.  Let your teenager know you are concerned about potential negative consequences on his or her life. It’s important to use words that build up your teenager instead of tearing them down.
  10.  Award the teenager for positive behavior: It is appropriate to reward your teenager for making right choices, especially when the teenager has worked hard to improve their behavior.  Parents should be eager to reward their teenager for the small improvements which will hopefully lead to great success for the teenager and peace within the home.


Written by Mr. Wisdom

(c) 2011 EnviCare Consulting            All Rights Reserved Worldwide


Family And Friends Too Selfish to See The Needs of Other

I don’t know the frequency in which I have read John 5:1-15, but each time I meditate on those scriptures, God seems to give me additional insight. This story is about an invalid at the pool of Bethesda.

Each year, the Lord would send an angel to the pool to perform physical healing for those able to get into the pool. John 5:3 says, “Here a great number of disabled people used to lie the blind, the lame, the paralyzed. One who was there had been an invalid for 38 years.” As I continue to picture this story in my mind, I can visualize a multitude of people rushing to the pool every year around the same time just for healing. The people were expe­riencing physical healing and joy.

 As I picture the invalid in his home, I can hear him saying with tears in his eyes, “next year someone will help me into the pool.

 However, I see an invalid in despair and with­out hope because he is not able to put himself in the pool. As he saw excitement in the eyes of those healed, sadness entered into his heart because the angel of the Lord had left. The invalid had to wait another year. So, once again they carried him back home.

 As I picture the invalid in his home, I can hear him saying with tears in his eyes, “next year someone will help me into the pool. Someone will carry me on their back into the pool and I will be healed this time.”

A year passed and the invalid returned to the pool. I can see his friends carrying him to the pool. Once again, they placed him in the same spot just watching others get healed in the pool of Bethesda. The Bible does not tell us who carried the invalid to the pool, but we can be assured they weren’t strangers. So then, why did they not help him into the pool? I believe they were too busy watching the miracles being performed, or they just didn’t care. Whatever the reasons, the invalid persevered. He never gave up. He kept returning to the pool even though he could not put himself into the pool.

 Jesus saw the invalid lying there and quietly asked, “Do you want to get well?” and the invalid replied, “I have no one to help me into the pool, while I am trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of me.” But the master healer Jesus Christ said, “Get up!   Pick  up your mat and walk.” We know the invalid did walk. In this story, we see there are uncontrollable situations that only Jesus Christ has the capacity to handle. Sometimes our friends and family are too busy or too selfish to help. or, maybe they just have too many problems of their own.

 However, Jesus  is always available to guide us. He quietly touches us, and others can’t see until we receive the blessings. Jesus is perfect and knows all our needs and wants. The invalid received his joy through physical healing but later Jesus touched his spirit by saying “See, you are well again. Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.”

 The heart must change to receive spiritual healing. We must learn to put self behind and reach out to those in pain less something worse happens to us. It is time for us to put selfishness to death and give life to love, faith and hope by helping others.

 Written By: Mr Wisdom

(c) 2010 EnviCare Consulting, Inc.

Shall We Gather At The River

I had to share this poem with our followers.  The poem was written by Arlene (mom).  My wife and I have adopted Arlene as our mom.  She lives in Tennessee and she sends us a card every month to encourage us.  She never fails to send holiday greeting cards nor birthday cards.  She prays for us every day and we know mom will see her creator soon.  I can personally feel it in mom’s poem.  We have missed our parents because they are in heaven.  However, God has given us an opportunity to share our love with Arlene (mom).  She is a remarkable and caring woman.  We hope you will enjoy this poem and pray that God will continue to bless mom. We love our mom very much.  She is deeply rooted in our hearts. Thank you God!


Shall We Gather At The River


Shall we gather at the river

The words of the song said

And suddenly, it became so real

As it played out in my head


I was standing there with others

When this vision came to me

As a figure all dressed in white

Standing right by my side, was He


Then I felt an arm around my waist

 I glanced and saw my precious Neal

My heart beat nearly out my chest

When I realized, it seemed so real


Then suddenly there was another face

One that I’d longed to see

Her face so full of joy and love

Her mom once more to see


Then I felt someone take my hand

There stood my precious son

He looked so proud and happy

Among all those souls he’d won


Thank you Jesus for this dream

When I felt like I had a broken heart

I’m on my way, please hold my spot

Where never again will we be apart


Then we can wait for the other two

I pray they will find their way

To that gathering at the river

Where we will always stay


And finally the circle will be unbroken

As our loved ones, family, and friends are there

With my precious Savior

 Who paid the price for all to share

Written by: (c) Arlene Campbell 7/2010


This article was updated to include additional scriptures as well as an audio file.  Please see link at the bottom of article.

L.O.V.E (Life Line, Obsession (passion), Victory, Enhances

(1 John 4:7-21, Luke 10:25-37, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

Points to Ponder

  1. You should always be prepared to respond to an unexpected question regarding eternal life (Luke 10:25-26).
  2. Jesus expects you to love God with your heart, soul, strength and mind and to love your family and neighbors as you love yourself (Luke 10: 27).
  3. There are people who will not show you love nor respect but will take advantage of you (Luke 10:28-30).
  4. There are religious leaders and fellow believers that will see you drowning in misery and will not show you love (Luke 10:31-32).
  5. Jesus expects us to show love to our neighbor regardless of their condition or position (Luke 10:33-35).
  6. There are times when you must show love by utilizing your time and financial resources to help a family member, friend or stranger (Luke 10:36-35).
  7. Jesus wants you and your family to be a good neighbor to those needing love and mercy. (Luke 36-37)
  8. Love is unselfish, unconditional and always seeking to help others (1Corinthians 13:4-7).

Something to Consider

“Love is a very powerful word but many of us take it for granted. Jesus explained to an expert of the Jewish Law what it took to inherit eternal life. These simple scriptures truly define our priority as love relates to God and others. The only way we can truly give love and accept love is to be bound by these following words. Jesus tells us we must love God with our 1. Heart, 2. Soul, 3. Strength, 4. Mind and 5. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Our heart is the key to supplying nutrients throughout our body which is essential for our survival. The soul is our life-line that returns to God. Our strength helps us to give love and our mind helps us to stay focus on Christ’s love. Our neighbor could be anyone, your friend, boss, stranger, church family, next door neighbor and someone who has hurt you knowingly or unknowingly.

These simple words are the key to love. If we truly love God, we should show our love as Christ extended his love to everyone. Jesus is always available to show His Father’s love so others might come to know Him. The world would be a better place to live if we follow God’s truths. We must drown ourselves in God’s gift of love so it might overflow to the lives of others. If you feel, you are not being loved, express your feelings to God. He will give you the desires of your heart.

God is love and you are a benefactor of that love through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. You will find true love when you love God with all your heart, soul, strength & mind. God’s love is patient, kind, protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres, rejoices with the truth, not easily angered, never fails, does not envy, does not boast, it’s not proud, not rude, not self-seeking, & does not keep record of wrongs. As a child of God, you must show his love daily and your heart will be content. Avoid debating with people who don’t agree with your  faith. You should love them too with your heart.

Written by: Mr. Wisdom

Audio Sermon on love  click on Strawter Love

(c) 2010 EnviCare Consulting Inc.

Encouragements To Help You Live A Productive Life

I hope you will enjoy the inspirational words in this article. Please take the time to read this article and share it with your family. I was filled with joy as I compiled the words to inspire and encourage you.  I pray that you and your family will discover great encouragements that will  help you to live productive lives.

  1. The more you serve others the less likely you will encompass low self-esteem because of the joy you receive from the success of those you served.
  2. Today is a new day, make someone feel special by showering that person with love.
  3. Take time today to seek someone who needs to be encouraged and don’t  miss an opportunity to bring that person joy.
  4. Life will bring great pleasure when you learn to open your heart to assisting others less fortunate than you.
  5. Life is never simple but what you do with it will drive you to failure or success.
  6. Learn to forgive and trust God to fight your battles.
  7. Avoid revenge it can lead to destruction.
  8. Learn to agree to disagree it will help you to control your attitude and temper.
  9. Always resolve conflicts as soon as possible without fighting and you will feel better.
  10. Never seek revenge it will only hurt you in the long run.
  11. Life is so great when you enjoy your relationship with your spouse.
  12. Life struggles build strong character if you choose to endure with a positive attitude.
  13. Life is complicated but you must look beyond the challenges you face because there is a better future if you persevere.
  14. Life is complex but you have the power to understand and adjust as you travel down the road of life.
  15. You have the power within to overcome persecution but you must harness the energy within you.
  16. You must start your week of activities as though you will be productive beyond your imagination.
  17.  Open your mind and let creativity take control.
  18. Allow your whole body to experience the joy of being connected to God.
  19. Never allow your physical limitations to keep you from enjoying the success of life.
  20. Never allow your life to be governed by the actions of others.
  21. Stay in control of your life so you won’t regret your actions.
  22. You can move beyond hopelessness by focusing on the power of your heart and your ability to listen to God.
  23. The greatest love is to give love without expecting anything in return.
  24. Love your spouse everyday as if it was your last day to live.
  25. A person will not change a negative behavior until he or she is ready but you can motivate positive behavior.
  26. Allow unconditional love to rule your life and experience the wonders of peace and joy.
  27. Never expect someone to always agree with you because you will be disappointed.
  28. Communicate your feelings with respect and you will gain the attention you desire.

Written by Mr. Wisdom

(c) 2010 EnviCare Consulting, Inc.    All Rights Reserved Worldwide


This updated post focuses on how important it is for you to forgive those that hurt you to the core of your heart.  When you forgive, it will help you to maintain your Faith. It will give you strength to overcome Obstacles. It gives you the ability to Repent when you are wrong. It guides you closer to God and it will prevent an Infection of hatred from flourishing in your life.  When you forgive, you will also have Victory over your own life without others influencing you in a negative manner. It will keep you from giving in to Evil because of the pain you suffered from someone.

F.O.R.G.I.V.E (Faith, Obstacles, Repent, God, Infection, Victory, Evil)

Joseph’s rejection and forgiveness (Genesis 37:1-11, 50:15-20)

Solomon’s Prayer (1 Kings 8:46-50)

Jesus’ commands (Matthew 6:14-15, Mark 11:25-26, Luke 17:3-4, Ephesians 4:26-27)

Points to Ponder

  1. You must let go of the bitterness you have toward those who have hurt you (Genesis 50:15-17).
  2. Do not hold grudges against those that are jealous of you but forgive them and you will have joy in your life (Genesis 50:18-20).
  3. You must forgive people who sin against you just like you expect God to forgive you (1 King 8:50).
  4. If you don’t forgive people who violated your trust, God will not forgive you (Matthew 6:14-15, Mark 11:25-26).
  5. It is your responsibility as a Christian to forgive people regardless of the number of times they have hurt you (Luke 17:3-4).

Something to Consider

Is there someone in your life that has hurt you to the core of your heart? Your answer is probably yes! You are so angry with them because you don’t understand why someone who claims to love you would hurt you so badly. You might blame yourself or wonder what you did to deserve a broken-heart.

Life is very complex and challenging. However, we all fall short of the glory of God because of our sinful nature. It’s sin that caused an individual to hurt you. Just like it was sin that caused Jesus to suffer and die on the cross for you. He also died for the person that broke your heart and violated your trust. God holds each of us accountable for our own sins.

God  gives you a simple process for healing your broken heart. He wants you to rely on Christ as the source of your strength. Your healing process will begin when you forgive the person or persons that hurt your heart. It will not be easy but when you let go you will find wonderful peace in your life. When you forgive, you are no longer in bondage but free. Enjoy your freedom, starting today, as you forgive those who have hurt you. Remember! You can’t rely on others to heal your broken heart only God can.

Written by Mr. Wisdom

Audio File on Forgive

(c) 2009 EnviCare Cosnulting, Inc.

Parents Share Reasons They Love Their Children

This article is about parents sharing reasons they love their children. Each parent wrote, discussed and reflected on “Why do you Love your children?” The names were changed and their responses are listed below.


Ester’s Testimonial

1.      I love how they are spontaneous

2.      I love how creative they are

3.      I love how loving they can be and how they show it

4.      I love how they are there for each other.  They may have fights but in the end they have each other’s backs.

5.      I love to see them laugh together

6.      I love to see them dedicated to their grandparents and appreciate the fact they have them still in their lives

7.      I love that they have their health

8.      I love when they want to just hangout and watch television with me

9.      I love that every morning when they leave for school they tell me to have a good day and they love me.

10.  I love that at night before going to bed they tell me goodnight and that they love me

11.  I love that they want to help others

12.  I love that they want to learn about new things

13.  I love how they help out around the house

14.  I love how my son gets excited about learning how to fix things around the house.

15.  I love how they excel at sports and are competitive

16.  I love how they are dedicated to family and friends

Thomas’ Testimonial

1.      My thirteen (13) old is energetic

2.      He likes to make everything fun

3.      He gives me a different lens to look through

4.      I love the way he acts silly.

5.      I love how he dances and makes me laugh

6.      I love the way he needs my approval for a task that he has completed

7.      He knows everything, so he thinks! This gets irritating but I love that he wants to be part of every decision which shows he has leadership ability

“I love them because they are my children, they came from me and they are my blessings from God.”  


Amy’s Testimonial

1.      I love my children because they respect me and others

2.      They know how to act around others even when I am not around

3.      I love them because they are my children, they came from me and they are my blessings from God.

Parents, I hope you have enjoyed reading the testimonials written by parents just like you. Please take an opportunity to write down the reasons you love your children and then take the time to share what you have written with your children.  This will help you to build a better relationship with your children and create a memory that will live with your children forever.

Your children deserve your unconditional love. Encourage your children often and they will more likely become successful. Your encouragement will build their self-esteem and help your children become positive, successful adults. Do not fear expressing your love to your children. You are investing in their future. Success to parenting is about applying your life skills toward the development of your children because of your love for them.

Written by: Mr Wisdom

(c) 2010 EnviCare Consulting, Inc.    All Rights Reserved Worldwide