Best Thing That's Happened to Me in A While

Here’s Joyce’s testimonial regarding her experience in an anger management class.

The anger management class has probably been the best thing that has happened to me in a while. I am very happy to have experienced the teaching of my instructor. He made me really think about my life and how much I need to improve. After this class, I can literally go home and smile. I leave the anger management class with confidence and ambition.

“My parents are important and deserve much respect”

I really learned something about myself. I learned that I let my attitude get the best of me and that is now past tense. I will no longer let my attitude ruin my life or relationships with important people. I’ve learned to allow others to think what they want and not make things my problem. I’ve learned that my parents are important and deserve much respect. I won’t leave the things I’ve learned behind. I will use them.  I really thank my instructor. He is really a great person. He is fun, understanding and lets you know that sometimes you are wrong and need to apologize. I appreciated the opportunity to attend the anger management class.


Joyce mentioned some keys words that were important to her such as confidence, ambition, attitude, relationships, and parents.  Her words “My parents are important and deserve much respect” highlights her need to reestablish her relationship with her parents.  She will also use her ambition with confidence to be successful in life by controlling her attitude and by maintaining relationships with people who are making right choices.

Parents are very important to teens but sometimes teens fail to think about the consequences of their negative behavior and the impact it has on the relationship.  Parents, when teens recognize the error of their ways, embrace them with your love and appreciation. An abundance of better things will happen to Joyce as a result of her  new journey respecting and rebuilding the relationship with her parents.

Parents should never miss an opportunity to appreciate the small changes in the teen’s behavior. Every teen wants to be loved and if you don’t give it to the teen, the teen will seek love elsewhere.  Seek diligently to understand your teen’s needs, it with be a worthwhile investment.

If your teen lacks confidence and ambition, take time to comprehend your teen’s interests and provide the teen with an opportunity to discuss their potential talents and gifts. Get your teen involved in programs that will help your teen to find their passion.

Written by Mr. Wisdom

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