Code of Ethics for Christian Families

This Bible study focuses on encouraging individuals and families to live their life to please God. We are designed to live our life serving others utilizing God’s code of ethics.

Deuteronomy 11:8-21, and Matthew 5:1-12

Points to Ponder

  1. God expects His family to obey his Commandments (Deut 11:8).
  2. When you obey God’s commands, He will give you the strength to persevere in achieving His will for you and your family and  you will be blessed (Deut 11:9-12).
  3. You must be faithful to God’s words in order to be blessed (Deut 11:13-15).
  4. You must not turn from God’s commands if you want to maintain your blessings (Deut 11:16-18).
  5. God expects you and your family to maintain a daily walk with Him as you live your life (Deut 11: 18-21).
  6. As a Christian, you have the responsibility to teach your family the truth. (Matt. 5:1-2).
  7. You must maintain your faith regardless of your position or economic condition. (Matt.5:3).
  8. Jesus assures you that during your mourning He will bring you comfort (Matt. 5:4).
  9. When you are humble as a believer, you will inherit the earth (Matt. 5:5).
  10. If you hunger and thirst for righteousness, you will be filled by the Word of God (Matt. 5:6).
  11. If you show mercy to others, Jesus will swarm you with His mercy (Matt. 5:7).
  12. If you maintain a pure heart through repentance, you will see God face to face (Matt. 5:8).
  13. Jesus wants you to assist others in resolving their conflicts and issues, Be a peacemaker (Matt. 5:9).
  14. If you persevere during persecution, you will see the Kingdom of God (Matt. 5:10).
  15. You must not allow insults, persecution and false accusations  to keep you from righteousness because Jesus will reward you for your faithfulness (Matt. 5:11-12).

Something to Consider

In the Old Testament, God gives us an example of how the family of God should serve him. As the Hebrew people prepared to enter the promised land, they were taught and given commands to follow in order to be successful in the promised land. There were several things that God asked families to do:

  1. Love the Lord your God
  2. Serve the Lord with all your hearts and with all your soul
  3. Fix God’s words in your heart and mind
  4. Tie God’s words as symbols around your hands
  5. Bind God’s words around your foreheads
  6. Teach God’s words to your children
  7. Talk about God’s words when you sit at home
  8. Talk about God’s words when you walk along the road
  9. Write God’s words on the door frames of your home
  10. Write God’s words on your gates

God gave His family simple commands to follow in order for them to be blessed because of their faithfulness. Jesus echoes similar words in the New Testament but Jesus focused on the heavenly kingdom and His desire for you and your family to live a righteous life on earth.

You and your family may have faced many issues that were difficult to handle yet you are still alive today to talk about them and to work on solving the remaining issues. Jesus has promised you and your family blessings when you follow His beatitudes or His Code of Ethics for Christian Families.

If you or your family are in the following conditions:

  1. Poor in spirit
  2. Mourning
  3. Meek
  4. Hungering and thirsting for righteousness
  5. Merciful
  6. Pure in heart
  7. A peacemaker
  8. Persecuted because of righteousness
  9. Insulted
  10. Falsely accused

Do not fear, Jesus is here and He lives in your heart. You have the Holy Spirit as your comforter. If you are in the above conditions, you will receive the following rewards for your faithfulness:

  • The Kingdom of heaven
  • You will be comforted
  • You will inherit the earth
  • You will be filled
  • You will be shown mercy
  • You will see God
  • You will be called the sons of God
  • You will have greater rewards in heaven

Therefore, it is very critical for the family to remain faithful in teaching and living the word of God. He expects each individual within the family to love God with all our heart, soul and mind. Jesus has given you wonderful tools and strategies to maintain your faith. You must believe and live by the Code of Ethics for Christian Families.

Written By Mr. Wisdom

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