I Need to Get Along With My Sister

This is a testimonial about Betty recognizing the need to improve her relationship with her sister.

Betty’s Testimonial

I learned a lot from the Keys to Success Class (Anger Management). I leaned that if you only store negativity in your piggy bank (brain) then you will be a negative person. You must store good and positive things in your piggy bank to be a good person. When you have good things stored, it’s easier to control your attitude and temper.

“I really needed to work on getting along with my sister.”

There is so much more in life than to be angry all the time.  It’s better and more fun to get along with the world. Life is so much easier when you are happy.  I really needed to work on getting along with my sister.  The Keys to Success class really helped me to realize that and it showed me ways to do so.

“I think all teens, good and bad, should take an anger management class.”

Controlling your attitude is harder than it sounds, but this class made it easy.  I’m glad I was in this class because it made me a smarter and happier person.  I think all teens, good and bad, should take an anger management class.  It prepares you for the long run.  I learned that your future is very important so if you make bad decisions while you are young; it can really affect your future, so you must be wise.


Betty had no idea her life would change by attending an anger management class.  She made a wise decision to retain specific strategies required to control her attitude and temper.  Betty didn’t realize how broken the relationship was with her sister until she completed the class.  Betty wasn’t happy about attending the class but her eyes were opened to the fact that she really needed to change her behavior towards her sister.  Betty was ready to change.  The class was only a catalyst to help her uncover the blindness.

Parents, can you identify with the problem Betty had with her sister?  Perhaps you are facing sibling rivalry in your family.  Use positive life skills to help solve problems like jealousy, resentment, or anger by helping your children talk through their issues with calmness and respect.  If you can’t handle it yourself, consider getting your children involved in an anger management class.  It will be worth the time mitigating the problems before they mushroom into a wild fire.

Always remember these principles:

  • Do not yell or scream but communicate your feelings with respect.
  • Do not allow their problems to become your problem.
  • Be wise like the great parents you were designed to be.

Pave the road with excitement so your children can become happy people and eventually successful parents when they get married.  Let the love for your children in your heart flourish like a beautiful, fragrant rose that everyone enjoys.  You are a beautiful vessel designed by God for a wonderful purpose.  Your purpose is to be great parents by modeling moral values.

 Written by: Mr. Wisdom

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