Men and Women Comment on Anger Management Workshop

In this post, you will learn valuable information from comments adults wrote after attending an anger management workshop. Listed below are their responses to two basic questions:

  1. What did you learn from the anger management workshop?
  2. What will you do differently as a result of attending the anger management workshop?

Hopefully, you will use this information to reflect on changes you might need to make in your own life relating to anger and lack of self-control.

Question 1: What did you learn from the anger management workshop?

  • How to control my anger and temper. How to turn the other cheek.
  • My attitude and my temper must be in control at all times in order to change my surroundings and myself.
  • How to be yourself and have control.
  • Several ways to control anger and temper.
  • I learned it’s about balancing the positive and negative.
  • How to deal with situations when people get on your nerves. Don’t get mad and handle it very professionally.
  • To be a better person and how to respond to different situations positively.
  • How to deal with stress.
  • Controlling my attitude and temper. Difference in effect of attitude and temper. Strategies to work towards improving our attitude/temper.
  • Having a positive attitude and good outlook.
  • I learned that I don’t give people the appropriate amount of credit sometimes.
  • Strategies to help to develop success and how to overcome obstacles as we live.
  • To control my anger. We can’t please everyone.
  • How to control my anger so that I can be productive.
  • I learned that everyone is different and no two people think the same. By controlling our attitude and temper, accepting those who are different is easier.
  • A little about myself and that my anger is coming from lack of self-control.
  • I learned some great ideas for life skills. I also learned to make the right choice, use the right words and that my actions speak louder than words.
  • How to overcome obstacles in a positive way. I also was reminded that I have to believe in myself.
  • Learned about life skills that I knew and will continue to build upon them in my life.

What will you do differently as a result of attending the anger management workshop?

  • Take more time for myself. Think before I speak. Use my piggy bank (brain) wisely.
  • I will continue to have self-control and be more sensitive to others.
  • Try things out and be heard.
  • Try to forgive others that hurt me and my feelings.
  • Think before responding to a bad situation and not to be hurtful with words.
  • Stand my ground but not angrily. Keep a cool head.
  • Control my attitude and temper.
  • Be the bigger person and apologize.
  • Work towards improving my negative attitude which will improve my personality.
  • Have a better attitude.
  • Continue working on improving my teamwork skills.
  • Don’t let other’s burdens weigh me down. Keep moving forward.
  • Control myself and not be too bossy.
  • This has helped me to continue my path in forgiving and learning that we are all different. I would not change a thing.
  • I will express myself more so that I can go on with what I need to do with respect
  • More self control and finding why I feel the way I do. Set goals for myself. Store positive things in my piggy bank (brain).
  • I will reevaluate my attitude and actions. I will always think before I speak so that I will choose the right words.
  • I will work on me and as I work on me, try to be the better person. I will also work on letting things go. Look over the handout as a reminder to deposit positively into my piggy bank (brain).

Life is never simple and you will face challenges as long as you live. You have a responsibility to control your attitude and temper without destroying yourself and others. If you are currently experiencing problem with anger, consider attending an anger management workshop. It could improve your relationships with your children, family and friends. Learn to communicate your feelings with respect and you will feel better about yourself.

Written by Mr. Wisdom

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