Teenager Expects a Stronger Relationship with Family

This is a testimonial about Thomas, a teenager who recognized the need to control his attitude and temper.

 Thomas’ Testimonial-

I attended a class to help me understand how to turn negative situations around into positive ones in my life.  I learned to think about consequences of my actions before I make a decision because my actions have hurt someone’s feelings or led to a fight.

“I know that being in control will help me to respect others and myself”

I learned that controlling my attitude and temper would help me be a better person and achieve my life’s goals.  I know that being in control will help me to respect others and myself. Controlling my attitude and temper will also help me to grow stronger more positive relationships with my family, friends and others around me.

Being in control will prevent regret and pain. I think this class should be available to adults and teens even if they haven’t gotten into trouble.  They could use these lessons and methods as a reminder to help their friends or family to properly resolve their problems.  I am glad I was a part of this life skills ‘anger management class’ program. It has made a huge impact on my life and me as a person.


Thomas is just an ordinary teenager struggling to live his daily life.  Perhaps you have a son or daughter who’s out of control and you don’t know how to handle your rebellious teen’s negative behavior.  It may be you have given your teenager advice over and over again and you feel as though you are running into a brick wall.  The more you give your teen good advice, it seems as though the teen continues to rebel against every word you say.  Sometimes you might wonder if the hospital gave you the right child.

Never give up on your teen! Do everything within your power to save your teen.  Sometimes parents are too close to the situation to make a difference.  In Thomas’ situation, he was ready to change. Thomas realized, after taking the anger management program, that his temper was negatively impacting his family and friends.

It is now up to Thomas’ parents to help him be successful in life.  Thomas is ready to listen to his parents.  The basic mistakes parents make when their teen is trying to change are listed below:

  1. Instead of believing in hope, parents sometimes doubt their teen is really going to change.
  2. Instead of saying to their teen, “We are going to give you an opportunity to prove yourself, “ parents will say, “I’ve heard that before.”
  3. Instead of recognizing the small changes their teen has accomplished, parents sometimes  focus too much on past behavior.
  4. Instead of patiently waiting on their teen to improve their behavior, parents expect their teen’s behavior to change overnight.
  5. Instead of sitting down with their teen to discuss and reflect on the reoccurring problem, parents sometimes start yelling at their teen as soon as negative behavior manifests itself again.

Parents, it was a huge step for Thomas to admit he had an anger problem.  Thomas recognized he needed to change his behavior.  Thomas has gained new skills to help him communicate his feelings with respect.  You must believe your teenager will change at some point.  No matter how bad the situation may be, always give your teen a lifeline.  A parent’s love and beautiful heart is the guiding light to return their teen to a renewed relationship with their family.

Written by: Billy J. Strawter, Sr

(c) EnviCare Consulting, Inc, All rights Reserved worldwide 

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