This updated post focuses on how important it is for you to forgive those that hurt you to the core of your heart.  When you forgive, it will help you to maintain your Faith. It will give you strength to overcome Obstacles. It gives you the ability to Repent when you are wrong. It guides you closer to God and it will prevent an Infection of hatred from flourishing in your life.  When you forgive, you will also have Victory over your own life without others influencing you in a negative manner. It will keep you from giving in to Evil because of the pain you suffered from someone.

F.O.R.G.I.V.E (Faith, Obstacles, Repent, God, Infection, Victory, Evil)

Joseph’s rejection and forgiveness (Genesis 37:1-11, 50:15-20)

Solomon’s Prayer (1 Kings 8:46-50)

Jesus’ commands (Matthew 6:14-15, Mark 11:25-26, Luke 17:3-4, Ephesians 4:26-27)

Points to Ponder

  1. You must let go of the bitterness you have toward those who have hurt you (Genesis 50:15-17).
  2. Do not hold grudges against those that are jealous of you but forgive them and you will have joy in your life (Genesis 50:18-20).
  3. You must forgive people who sin against you just like you expect God to forgive you (1 King 8:50).
  4. If you don’t forgive people who violated your trust, God will not forgive you (Matthew 6:14-15, Mark 11:25-26).
  5. It is your responsibility as a Christian to forgive people regardless of the number of times they have hurt you (Luke 17:3-4).

Something to Consider

Is there someone in your life that has hurt you to the core of your heart? Your answer is probably yes! You are so angry with them because you don’t understand why someone who claims to love you would hurt you so badly. You might blame yourself or wonder what you did to deserve a broken-heart.

Life is very complex and challenging. However, we all fall short of the glory of God because of our sinful nature. It’s sin that caused an individual to hurt you. Just like it was sin that caused Jesus to suffer and die on the cross for you. He also died for the person that broke your heart and violated your trust. God holds each of us accountable for our own sins.

God  gives you a simple process for healing your broken heart. He wants you to rely on Christ as the source of your strength. Your healing process will begin when you forgive the person or persons that hurt your heart. It will not be easy but when you let go you will find wonderful peace in your life. When you forgive, you are no longer in bondage but free. Enjoy your freedom, starting today, as you forgive those who have hurt you. Remember! You can’t rely on others to heal your broken heart only God can.

Written by Mr. Wisdom

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