God Appears To The Wife's Husband

(Genesis 17:1-27)

Points to Ponder

  1. When God makes a covenant with us there are some conditions (Genesis 17:1).
  2. God will always confirm His covenant  with blessings (Genesis 17:2-4).
  3. When you are touched by God, you can’t help but fall down in awe of Him (Genesis 17:3).
  4. God gives His servants a new name (Genesis 17:5, 15).
  5. God confirms an everlasting blessing with His servant’s (Genesis 17:6-8, 15-17).
  6. God’s servants and their descendants must keep His covenant for generations (Genesis 17:7).
  7. God distinguished His people through circumcision of the flesh (Genesis 17:9-13).
  8. God communicates to His servant the consequences of being uncircumcised (V14).
  9. God confirms to His servant that his spouse will be blessed (Genesis 17:15-16).
  10. There are times when  laughter of doubt invades us because things seems impossible (Genesis 17:17).
  11.  It’s never too late for God to supernaturally move in our lives regardless of our age (Genesis 17:18-22).
  12.  Fathers and mothers must always set the example in the household by obeying God’s covenant for generations (Genesis 17:23-27).

Something to Consider

It is an honor to be chosen by God to be a blessing to the world. It take great obedience and leadership skills to listen to God and to teach our family, servants and friends about God’s covenants.  It becomes more difficult when age seems to take over our bodies and we wonder whether God is still active in our lives. We must always remember it’s not too late for God to move in our lives because He is the master of time.

Written By Mr. Wisdom

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