Parents Share Reasons They Love Their Children

This article is about parents sharing reasons they love their children. Each parent wrote, discussed and reflected on “Why do you Love your children?” The names were changed and their responses are listed below.


Ester’s Testimonial

1.      I love how they are spontaneous

2.      I love how creative they are

3.      I love how loving they can be and how they show it

4.      I love how they are there for each other.  They may have fights but in the end they have each other’s backs.

5.      I love to see them laugh together

6.      I love to see them dedicated to their grandparents and appreciate the fact they have them still in their lives

7.      I love that they have their health

8.      I love when they want to just hangout and watch television with me

9.      I love that every morning when they leave for school they tell me to have a good day and they love me.

10.  I love that at night before going to bed they tell me goodnight and that they love me

11.  I love that they want to help others

12.  I love that they want to learn about new things

13.  I love how they help out around the house

14.  I love how my son gets excited about learning how to fix things around the house.

15.  I love how they excel at sports and are competitive

16.  I love how they are dedicated to family and friends

Thomas’ Testimonial

1.      My thirteen (13) old is energetic

2.      He likes to make everything fun

3.      He gives me a different lens to look through

4.      I love the way he acts silly.

5.      I love how he dances and makes me laugh

6.      I love the way he needs my approval for a task that he has completed

7.      He knows everything, so he thinks! This gets irritating but I love that he wants to be part of every decision which shows he has leadership ability

“I love them because they are my children, they came from me and they are my blessings from God.”  


Amy’s Testimonial

1.      I love my children because they respect me and others

2.      They know how to act around others even when I am not around

3.      I love them because they are my children, they came from me and they are my blessings from God.

Parents, I hope you have enjoyed reading the testimonials written by parents just like you. Please take an opportunity to write down the reasons you love your children and then take the time to share what you have written with your children.  This will help you to build a better relationship with your children and create a memory that will live with your children forever.

Your children deserve your unconditional love. Encourage your children often and they will more likely become successful. Your encouragement will build their self-esteem and help your children become positive, successful adults. Do not fear expressing your love to your children. You are investing in their future. Success to parenting is about applying your life skills toward the development of your children because of your love for them.

Written by: Mr Wisdom

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