Husband and Wife Half Truths Lead To Potential Disaster

Genesis 20:1-17

This post is about Abraham and Sarah’s half truths that impacted the life of people in a negative manner.

Points to Ponder

  1. God will continue to guide and protect us on our life’s journey (Genesis 20:1).
  2. There are times when knowledge can lead us to make wrong choices (Genesis 20:2).
  3. When a half truth is told, it can severely impact the lives of others (Genesis 20:3).
  4. God will reveal to the innocent the wrong choices they have made (Genesis 20:4-6).
  5. There are times when God must put fear in our lives for us to change (Genesis 20:7).
  6. When someone inflicts pain upon you, seek answers with a pure heart as you communicate with them (Genesis 20:8-10).
  7. We must communicate to others that our wrong choices could negatively impact their way of life (Genesis 20:8).
  8. There are times when we will try to justify half truth but it’s still wrong. (Genesis 20:11-13).
  9. God uses others to bless us and give us the power to intercede for others (Genesis 20:14-17).

Something to Consider

 As we travel our life’s journey, we will face Godly people, good and bad people. When we fellowship with them, we must communicate the truth because half truths could negatively impact the people you encounter.  Every husband and wife should always consider how their actions will impact their family and others.  Abraham and Sarah’s fear about what might happen clouded their judgment. The husband and wife took their eyes off the promises. God promised them that they would have a son and they would be a blessing to all nations. They knew God was with them yet fear consumed them. When confronted by Abimelech, Abraham confessed the reasons he lied which was good because it limited the negative consequences.

We often speak half truths because of fear, unknown consequences and because we hate to disappoint others.  Half truth leads to greater pain and suffering.  God looks upon our hearts to determine our motives for half truths to activate his grace and mercy for believers and nonbelievers.  God wants us to speak the truth because it gives us great peace.  Husbands and wives, if you are struggling with half truths in your life, please let go of those half truths.  A husband and wife should always set the standards by speaking the truth which will positively impact their family and the world.  

To every husband and wife in the world,  you must rely on God’s words to guide your tongue. When every husband and wife relies on the Word of God, they will no longer be ruled by fear. God loves you more than you will ever comprehend. God created every husband and wife in His image which means you are connected to God in a very special manner. Trust God to guide and protect you along your life journey. God will always be there for you and God will empower you with the strength to speak the truth. Stand firm with God as you encounter various types of people in the world.

Written by: Mr. Wisdom

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