My Child Will Never Do That

Here’s a testimonial from Elizabeth who attended a life skills workshop because her child was caught shoplifting.

Elizabeth’s Story

I came to the life skills class as a result of my daughter’s action of shoplifting.  As like many of the individuals in today’s class, I felt that I had tried to be a good parent and thought I had raised my child in the best way I could.  My child has some things stacked against her which contributed to her behavior.  The workshop helps one to understand that you are not alone in your situations.

The information learned from the workshop will give me better insight into dealing with my own and my child’s behavioral issues.  It also helps to develop alternatives to dealing with anger issues and what the best approach might be to address the issues.

“You always say my kid will never do that-well guess what, it happens.”


I think the life skills workshop was very helpful.  I wish this workshop would have been available when my child was in the 7th or 8th grade before the problems.  You always say my kid will never do that – well guess what, it happens.

It’s a scary world out there and I am learning day to day of what is right and wrong and nobody has the right answer. I do feel a life skills workshop like the Importance of Family: How to Connect should be mandatory to every parent at an early age before so many problems arise.


This story is typical of many families who face unexpected issues relating to wrong choices made by their children.  Elizabeth has suddenly faced a new challenge with her daughter, Tammy, who decided to shoplift.  Elizabeth was very surprised that Tammy would shoplift when she did need the item stolen.  Elizabeth taught Tammy the importance of making right choices yet Tammy decided to shoplift.

Many parents are blinded by their child’s behavior. It doesn’t mean you are bad parents. It just means you didn’t recognize the symptoms.  Elizabeth has learned to recognize the error of saying these words “My kid will never do that.”  Parents should never use those words but say “I hope my child will never do that.”  

However, parents must keep their eyes open to the choices their children are making and the people  their children are hanging around! There are many opportunities for your child to be influenced the wrong way.  It’s critical that you instill life skills values in your child’s life during the first 8 years of development.  It’s more challenging when the child is 9 years and older.

Elizabeth understands that parents need life skills values early in order to deal with their children’s behavior before it escalates.  Parents, when you see signs in your children’s behavior that you dislike, deal with it right away with a compassionate heart.  If you feel you need assistance, sign up for a life skills workshop to gain alternative strategies to deal with the negative behavior. Parents, you will not regret your decision.  Elizabeth now values the importance of attending life skills workshops.

Parents, you should never doubt your ability to make a difference in your children’s lives. You must make sure your children survive the error of their ways.  When one of your children shoplifts, do not overreact, but try to understand why  your child made the decision; especially when it’s their first time.  You should be thankful your child was caught because it will be easier to help change your child’s negative behavior before it gets out of control.  Remember to build a strong relationship with your children and keep the line of communications open.  You will be able to help your children to become great citizens.

Written By: Mr. Wisdom

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