Motivational Messages

A New Beginning

(Acts 9:1-22)

Billy J. Strawter, Sr.

April 1. 2020

Points to Ponder

  1. There are times when people will hurt you with words in an attempt to destroy your faith because of their own beliefs (Acts 9:1-2).
  2. When a person is out of the will of God, He will get their attention in order to lead them in the right direction for a new beginning (Acts 9:3-4).
  3. When God supernaturally get your attention, He has a special assignment for you. (Acts 9:5-6).
  4. Sometimes God must close our eyes so we might see and understand Him more clearly (Acts 9:7-10).
  5. God will use others to give us a message of hope and restoration through Jesus Christ (Acts 9:11-12)
  6. We must not allow our knowledge about a person’s past hinder us from reaching out to the person with unconditional love (Acts 9:13-14).
  7. There are times when we will suffer for Christ because of our sins or righteousness but through repentance and forgiveness we receive a new beginning (Acts 9:15-16).
  8. We must follow God’s instructions in order for the Holy Spirit to touch the lives of those individuals whose lives must change (Acts 9:17-19).
  9. God is always ready to give us a new beginning if we are willing to listen as He discipline us. He will also empower us to boldly share the gospel (Acts 9:20-22).

 Something to Consider

“Saul (Paul) was absolutely sure without any doubts that Christ’s followers were absolutely wrong. He couldn’t see that Jesus wanted to enhance his knowledge as a Pharisee about God’s divine purpose for mankind.

He did everything within his power to break the backbones of the believers. He accepted stoning them to death as well as imprisoning Christians.  However, Jesus didn’t destroy him but met Saul rejoicing in persecuting believers. He met him on Damascus road and asked Him a simple question, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me”?

Jesus new Saul needed a new beginning and Jesus personally met Saul so he wouldn’t doubt the error of His teaching. Saul had to be humbled in order to change. He had to depend on others that he was persecuting. If you are like Saul, you must let go of your selfish desires and focus on a new beginning.

Christ has a desire for you to spread the gospel with love, grace mercy, compassion, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  You must let go of the pain and suffering others have caused you.  Forgive them because Christ wants you to remain faithful without compromising the Word of God.

You can start immediately a new beginning by totally submitting your will to Christ. You will find great joy beyond your own imagination. Praise and worship Jesus in ways you have never done before. Help those who have gone astray to find a new beginning in Christ. He is awaiting you to submit your heart, soul and mind to Him.  Please enjoy your new beginning because it truly takes commitment to change and to accept change.