(Matt 9: 36-37, Mark 1: 40-42, 6: 33-35, Luke 15: 19-21, 1 Cor 1 3, Col 3:11-13)

Points to Ponder

  1. You must reach out to heal the broken hearted both physically and spiritually so they may come to known the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ (Matthew 9:35).
  2. You must show compassion toward those who are harassed and helpless (Matthew 9:36).
  3. There are plenty of people needing help so show your compassion by asking God to use you to make a difference and to send helpers (Matthew 9:36).
  4. Jesus wants you to show compassion when someone approaches you for assistance (Mark 1:40-42).
  5. There are many people without the knowledge of Christ and you must have compassion and teach them (Mark 6:33-35).
  6. Since God is the father of compassion, you must follow His example (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).
  7. You should always cover yourself with compassion (Colossians:3:11-13).

 Something to Consider

Compassion is defined as sympathy for the suffering of others and often includes a desire to help.  Compassion in all religion is considered the greatest of all virtues or values.  Jesus’ compassion was demonstrated by the works he did toward those oppressed, harassed, sick, dying, living poverty, lack of knowledge and understanding.  He also showed compassion toward individuals miss using their power and wealth.

Due to difficult economic times, there are opportunities to show compassion to those suffering, and needing financial help.  Life is very difficult currently for many people.  The harvest is plentiful and you must take an opportunity to show God’s compassion as you reach out to a hurting world.  People are  loosing their job, home, family, faith and hope.  Show your compassion today by following Jesus’ example with actions.

Written by Mr. Wisdom

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