Family Members Were Able to Survive Potential Destruction

Every family will face struggles in their lives.  Each family member must develop a relationship with God in order to gain strength to overcome potential destruction. Enjoy your Bible study today as you read Genesis 19: 1-29.

Genesis 19:1-29

Points to Ponder

  1. Angles arrive to follow through with the will of God (Genesis 19:1).
  2. God’s people can sense His presence (Genesis 19:2).
  3. There are times persistence will be beneficial (Genesis 19:3).
  4. Evil people will encompass us but we must not submit to their will (Genesis 19:4).
  5. We must flee sexual immorality because it can lead to destruction and broken relationships (Genesis 19:5).
  6. We must be able to recognize evil before it causes us to sin. (Genesis 19:6).
  7. There are times when we must make personal sacrifices (Genesis 19:7-9).
  8. There are times when our enemy will become aggressive toward us (Genesis 19:10).
  9. God will always fight our enemies (Genesis 19:11).
  10. God will give us an opportunity to escape disaster (Genesis 19:12).
  11. There are times when people will not take our faith serious (Genesis 19:13-14).
  12. When we respond too slowly, God will take control (Genesis 19:15-16).
  13. When we don’t listen to God, it can lead to death (Genesis 19:17-29)

 Something to Consider

 The people of Sodom and Gomorrah lived a life of sinful indulgence. They went about their sinful ways until God saw their sinful ways were too much. He knew their sins would spread like a wild fire. Therefore, God personally brought destruction upon the cities and the  families.  But God saved three family members because of His relationship with Abraham and Lot.  Lots other family members did not believe him and they lost their lives. Lots wife did not survive the destruction because she didn’t listen to the advice given to her by the angels. She looked back instead of moving forward in the right direction.

We must be very careful about the way we live our lives in our home, community, city, state, nation and world.  We must ask ourselves are we contributing to the destruction of our family environment?  God’s people must live in the world and avoid participating in the world’s sinful ways. We must grow spiritually through the darkness as the light of the world. You have the strength and the ability through your relationship with God to guide your family down the right path.

Written by Mr. Wisdom

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