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Teenagers Share Reasons Teenagers Bully

Teenagers Share Reasons Teenagers Bully 

During a great discussion with teenagers, we talked about the reasons teenagers bully others. I wanted the teenagers’ perspectives because the teenagers had been bullied or bullied someone or new of someone who had been bullied. Please enjoy the teenagers’ responses listed below. The best way to address bullying is to get behind the eyes of teenagers because they have the information in their brain.

 Why does an individual bully others?

Wilson’s perspective:

Because of the simple fact they don’t have something and the other teenager they are picking on does. Then it makes them mad because they don’t have it.

  • When divorce is going at home
  • Lost of family and friends
  • Because of bad things that happened in their life

 Michelle’s perspective: 

  • Because they are not treated right by the family
  • They were abused
  • They bully because they think they got a lot of power and because they think they are cooler than everyone.
  • I use to bully kids because of my past and because of the rumors that went around about me. I wouldn’t stop bullying until I find out who started the rumors

Rufus’s Perspective

  • An individual bullies because they obviously have problems of their own.  People just don’t be mean for know reasons.
  • They keep anger build up inside of them because other problems they have and they take it out on others
  • They bully smaller people are weaker than them.
  • There are some people that don’t have reasons to bully but they just do it. These people make our world so evil and sick. If they continue in this world with that kid of mentality, they will not make it far in life. They’ll just face negative consequences such as going to prison, jail, juvenile, or death.

Dallas’s   Perspective

  • I think a bully bullies to show off because they see someone weaker.
  • Some bullies who use words to hurt others, they don’t realize they are bullying, they consider it playing around.

Sam’s Perspective

  • Someone bullies because it makes them feel stronger.
  • If you are smaller or different, they feel the need to make fun of you.
  • Normally a bully has their own problems that they neglect so they take their anger out on others.

Faye’s Perspective

  • Honestly, I think an individual bullies to either get more attention or to make their self-confidence build up which isn’t a right thing to do.
  • Bullying makes a person feel better, and think of themselves as a tougher person. When in reality, it makes them look more stupid, and immature than the one being bullied.

Matthew’s Perspective

  • An individual bullies so he can have positive self-esteem.
  • They bully for revenge and to make themselves to feel better.

Casper’s Perspective

  • I believe an individuals bullies because they are hurting inside or being hurt by others.
  • When someone is bullied by someone else they tend to find someone to bully that is lower than them.
  • There is another type of person that bullies. The one that like to feel better and stronger. Sometimes these people don’t realize how bad they are hurting the person. 

Ramon’s Perspective

  • I think a person bullies because they have things going wrong in their lives. So they try to make other people feel how they feel.
  • They bully so they can fit in.
  • Sometimes they bully because things didn’t go right for them.

Eric’s Perspective 

  • People usually bully to look strong in front of others, although it makes then look weak
  • My friend likes to bully people because it’s funny, and not because they are bullied.


It’s amazing that teenagers are correct about the reasons teenagers and others like to bully an individual. These simple words spoken by teenagers can help us to understand the potential issues that drive a bully.  The more we learn from teenagers’ perspectives on bullying it will enhance teachers, administrators, parents, grandparents, foster care system, adoption agencies, teenagers, youth workers, social services, and the juvenile justice system to develop better strategies to deal with the issue. We will write future article on strategies to help the person being bullied as well as the bully.

Listed below are the common themes why a person likes bully:

  1. The bully has a variety of personal issues at home
  2. They have a desire to fit in with a group
  3. The bully has been bullied by someone else
  4. The bully want to feel stronger
  5. The bully neglect their own problems
  6. They are jealous of what others have
  7. They bully because life is not going well for them.

Please take the time to recognize the bully and the person being bullied.  They both need help before it gets out of control. We have a responsibility to guide them toward the right person for help to solve the problem. Relationship building is a wonderful strategy to get to heart of a problem as well as solving it.

Written by: Billy J. Strawter, Sr.


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