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Twenty Issues That Negatively Impact the Family

This is an update to an article previously written on this subject. There are many situations that negatively impact the foundation of the family. This article focuses on twenty issues that negatively impact the success of a family. Solutions are also provided to help the family to move in the right direction.  Every family must identify the best strategies they can use to ensure the success of their family.  Use appropriate tools that work for your family.  Listed below are solutions to help you to deal with the twenty Issue that negatively impact the family:

 Issue #1 Instability in the home

Solution: Provide stability and avoid divorce if possible; do not live together without being married.  Reward each other for good deeds.

Issue #2 Decline of role models

Solution: Avoid being involved with activities that will negatively impact your child’s behavior. Value your child’s opinion.  Admit when you are wrong and apologize.

Issue #3 Decline in spirituality

Solution:  Teach your child spiritual values. Lead by example.  If you do not teach them about spirituality someone will.

Issue #4 Lack of consistent discipline

Solution:  Provide consistent discipline with love; explain reason (s) for disciplinary action.  Avoid arguments that lead to unproductive discussions. Provide the child with boundaries.

Issue #5 Lack of father or mother in the home

Solution:  Both mother and father are needed in the home if possible.  If not, fathers need to be involved in some manner with the child as well as the mother.

Issue #6 Lack of communication

Solution:  Value good communication.  Give the child a sense of security by being there for them regardless of their actions. Let your yes mean yes and no mean no!  Explain clearly any changes in decision.

Issue #7 Poor listening skills

Solution: Learn when to give advice and when to listen.

Issue #8: Drug and alcohol abuse

Solution: Communicate the dangers of using drugs, alcohol and the negative impact it has on their lives and others.

Issue # 9: Sexual abuse

Solution:  Share with your child the purpose of sex and inform them of inappropriate behavior that can hurt them and others for years. Discuss the consequences such as sexual transmitted diseases (STD’s), and pregnancy.  Discuss with them that sex offenders will be labeled as a sex offender and that it will impact their freedom to work and live anywhere they desire.

Issue #10 Lack of family time

Solution:  Eat dinner together. Participate in your child (s) activities (hobbies and sports). Limit child involvement in activities that keeps him/her away from the family.

Issue #11 Peer pressure

Solution: Build positive self-esteem by giving important tasks to perform and encourage volunteer work. Let your child know you are proud of the small things they do correctly. Hopefully it will decrease their potential to give into peer pressure.

Issue #12: Inability to control attitude and temper

Solution: Avoid reacting to negative situations but calmly communicate your feelings to the child with respect. Use control when you are angry about your child’s negative behavior.

Issue #13 Too much emphasis on material possessions:

Solution: Instill good work ethics. Share with your child the importance of waiting for material things.

Issue #14 Lack of extended family

Solution: Allow your child to get to know his or her grandparents. Get advice and support from other family members.

Issue #15 Insufficient love and hugs

Solution: Tell your child you love him or her and give them a hug.

Issue #16 Character attack

Solution:  Build your child’s character by understanding their needs. Dislike the negative behavior but love the child. Do not call the child stupid or dumb. Avoid using undesirable language to attack your child’s character.

Issue #17 Lack of goals and vision

Solution:  Teach the child the importance of setting goals

Issue #18 Lack of skill to manage money

Solution: Teach the child about money management. Set up a savings account at home or bank.

Issue #19 Selfishness

Solution:  Encourage a child to forgive those who hurt him or her. Teach them how to serve others with compassion.

Issue # 20 Lack of forgiveness

Solution: Encourage child to forgive those who hurt him or her. This allows the child to grow beyond the pain they have experienced.

These are simple steps to help you develop a strong family foundation that will last a life time. Parents, you will make mistakes but do not allow your mistakes to put you or your family in bondage.  You must seek every legal means possible to ensure the success of your family.  Live a life you know that will be a guiding light for you and your family.

Written by: Billy J. Strawter, Sr.

(c) EnviCare Consulting, Inc. Alrights Reserved Worldwide