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Changes Teenagers Need of Their Father to Improve Relationship

Have you ever had the desire for someone to change their negative behavior because it was destroying or damaging the relationship? I am quite sure your answer is probably, yes! As a parent, I have made many mistakes but I always valued our teenagers’ perspective on things. Sometimes we disagreed but we did everything we could to prevent damaging the relationship. My greatest desire was to always respect my adolescents’ opinions.

Video: Stategies for a father to improve relationship with their teenager

Listed below are changes teenagers said they needed of their father to improve their relationship:

 Sierra: “My father and I have a good relationship. But I know I have a lot of hostility against him because of how much he drinks. I don’t. normally let the hostility out but sometimes I do. I know sometime it hurt but it hurts me to watch him drink every day.”

Sara wants her father to stop drinking because of the damage the alcohol is doing to her father physically and emotionally. She was very concerned about the impact on their relationship. I hope that one day Sierra’s father will stop drinking so that her life will be better as they rebuild their relationship. Her father needs to seek help to stop drinking. I pray and hope he will make a commitment to get help.

Frank: “My pop needs to listens to me more often

 Vanessa: “My father needs to talk to me instead of arguing with me.”

Dallas: “My father needs to spend more time with me and be there for me without yelling at me. Talk to me instead of yelling at me.”

Tammy: “My daddy needs to be in my life more.  Daddy needs to understand where I am coming from about everything.”

Hillary: “I wish my dad would come to see me more often and spend time with me. I also want my dad to love me in spite of all the mistakes I have made!”

Ruby: “My father needs to talk to me more often and don’t tell me he’s going to do things for me and then he doesn’t follow through”

Comments on teenagers’ responses to question

Adolescents are wonderful to be around to engage in a conversation about life. Teens are very intelligent but some have deficiencies in life skills which may and may not be as a result of their doing. These teenagers shared their feelings but sometimes they fail to share their feelings with their father. Listed below are 16 steps every father in the world should consider to improve their relationship with their teenager:

Fifteen (16) steps for a father to improve relationship with their teenager

  1. Always keep your promise
  2. Do not make a promise you can’t keep
  3.  Explain why you can’t keep the promise before hand, if the promise must be broken
  4. Avoid substance of abuse to prevent damaging the relationship with your teenager.
  5. Take time to listen and give advice only when your teenager ask for it
  6.  Do not yell at your teenager but speak firmly with a loving and caring heart
  7.  Make spending time with your teenager a high priority
  8.  Avoid working when you are spending time with your teenager
  9. Communicate your feelings with respect to your teenager during conflict
  10. Do not give material things as a substitute to spending time with your teenager
  11. Model being a great father to your youth
  12. Teach your teenager the life skills needed to be successful
  13. Show unconditional love regardless of the number of wrong choices your youngster makes
  14. Model to your adolescent the value of serving others
  15. Value your teenager’s opinion as a supportive father building a relationship your teenager
  16. Show your teenager what it means to be committed to a relationship

Written: Billy J.  Strawter, Sr

(c) 2012 EnviCare Consulting, Inc.   All rights reserved

Daughters Committed Incest With Their Father

This bible study focuses on the wrong choices a father made and the impact it had on his family especially his daughters.

(Genesis 19:30-38)

Points to Ponder


  1. Wrong choices can lead the family in the wrong direction (Genesis19:30).
  2. You must take time to reflect on your circumstances in order to make the right decisions (Genesis19:30).
  3. Making too many wrong choices can lead to fear, stress, and emotional disaster (Genesis19:31).
  4. There are individuals that occasionally engage in sinful actions to justify preserving their family which leads to disaster and disrespect of the Word of God (Genesis19:32).
  5. Thinking in a reactive mode can at times, be very dangerous (Genesis19:33-35).
  6. Drinking too much alcohol reduces your ability to remain in self-control and others can take advantage of you without your knowledge (Genesis19:35).
  7. You  must avoid listening to a family member when they are out of the will of God (Genesis19:35).
  8. Incestuous relationships (sexual immorality) can only lead to conflict within the family (Genesis19:36-38).
  9. There are people who will use deception (in order to preserve their family line) and try to get you to participate in their ungodly way. Sadly to say they do believe they are right (Genesis19:32).
  10. Getting drunk and using illegal drugs are poor examples for you and your family. As a father or mother, you  must model Godly standards for your children (Genesis19:30-36)

 Something to Consider

The people you are close to may willfully make wrong choices because they believe it will benefit the family. Lot’s daughters believed incest with their father was the best thing to do to preserve their family line. History shows they were absolutely wrong. They used deceptive methods to sleep with their father by getting him drunk.

There are people in your life that will also use deceptive ways to convince you to make wrong choices. Your choices must always be based on Godly principles which might isolate you from friends and families. Yet you must not fear the isolation because of the right choices you made because God will be pleased with your actions.

You must pray and solicit counsel from others to assist you when your family situation appears to be hopeless. If you stand for truth, you can potentially prevent disaster from falling upon your family and the world. Incest in the family is very damaging to the life of an individual. Lot’s daughters made a wrong choice by sleeping with their father while he was drunk. Incest is not the answer to solving life problems. You must never engage in an incestuous relationship to fulfill your selfish desires. You will destroy your relationships with the family and others around you.

Fathers, and daughters, you must think about the consequences of your actions. Always reflect and meditate on the situation when your mind is engaged in ungodly thoughts. You must always apply God’s words in the decisions you make.  God will always provide your needs because He said He would.  God’s blessings are greater than what you can provide for yourself. God is watching over you every day seeking to protect and guide you.  All you need to do is submit your will to God. May your family be filled with contentment and joy while they live on earth.

 Written by Mr. Wisdom

(c) 2010 EnviCare Consulting, Inc.    All Rights Reserved Worldwide