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Shall We Gather At The River

I had to share this poem with our followers.  The poem was written by Arlene (mom).  My wife and I have adopted Arlene as our mom.  She lives in Tennessee and she sends us a card every month to encourage us.  She never fails to send holiday greeting cards nor birthday cards.  She prays for us every day and we know mom will see her creator soon.  I can personally feel it in mom’s poem.  We have missed our parents because they are in heaven.  However, God has given us an opportunity to share our love with Arlene (mom).  She is a remarkable and caring woman.  We hope you will enjoy this poem and pray that God will continue to bless mom. We love our mom very much.  She is deeply rooted in our hearts. Thank you God!


Shall We Gather At The River


Shall we gather at the river

The words of the song said

And suddenly, it became so real

As it played out in my head


I was standing there with others

When this vision came to me

As a figure all dressed in white

Standing right by my side, was He


Then I felt an arm around my waist

 I glanced and saw my precious Neal

My heart beat nearly out my chest

When I realized, it seemed so real


Then suddenly there was another face

One that I’d longed to see

Her face so full of joy and love

Her mom once more to see


Then I felt someone take my hand

There stood my precious son

He looked so proud and happy

Among all those souls he’d won


Thank you Jesus for this dream

When I felt like I had a broken heart

I’m on my way, please hold my spot

Where never again will we be apart


Then we can wait for the other two

I pray they will find their way

To that gathering at the river

Where we will always stay


And finally the circle will be unbroken

As our loved ones, family, and friends are there

With my precious Savior

 Who paid the price for all to share

Written by: (c) Arlene Campbell 7/2010