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Parents Share Their Personal and Family Goals

Have you thought about setting goals for yourself and your family? Parents discussed setting personal and family goals during an Importance of Family: How to Connect Workshop. Most individuals understand the process of setting goals in businesses but very seldom do they set goals for their family.

Every family should consider setting goals for their family as well as individual goals. It’s important to record your goals and track how you are meeting them. Every goal should be flexible because life circumstances can change without warning. We hope this information will inspire you to establish goals for yourself and your family. The parents were asked to print their goals and place them on their refrigerator as a reminder. Listed below are personal and family goals that participants listed and discussed in their small group. Perhaps you will receive some encouragement from the fact that others are facing the same or similar struggles as you and your family.

Parent #1

Family Goals

  1. Improve communication within the family
  2. More respect among each other
  3. Having children spend more time with their father
  4. Put more priority on the family
Personal Goals

  1. Obtain my master degree
  2. Become a probation officer
  3. Spend more time with my family


Parent #2

Family Goals

  1. Spend more time together
  2. Travel more often
  3. Improve business perspective
Personal Goals

  1. Spend more time together
  2. Spend more time on hobbies
  3. Improve my communication with family

Parent #3

Family Goals

  1. To be a better family
  2. Get more involved in church
  3. Help other people
Personal Goals

  1. To become a better dad and husband
  2. Improve communication with family
  3. Control my temper better

Parent #4

Family Goals

  1. Take more time to communicate
  2. Learn to understand one another
  3. Listen to each other better
Personal goals

  1. Stop yelling and start talking to my children
  2. Spend more time with my family
  3. Change my negative attitude

Parent #5

Family Goals

  1. Make better choices
  2. Want children to finish school
  3. Want individual family member to be successful
Personal Goals

  1. Make sure my family is taken care of
  2. Interact with my family more
  3. See all my children doing good in life

Parent #6

Family Goals

  1. Get everyone back to church
  2. More family time together
Personal Goals

  1. Listen to my family attentively
  2. Stop yelling
  3. Stop pointing fingers


Parent #7

Family Goals

  1. Get my children into college
  2. Get everyone to listen
  3. Improve children relationship with their mother
Personal Goals

  1. Improve my health
  2. Complete my college degree
  3. Set more goals for myself and family

Parent #8

Family Goals

  1. Get  every family member to complete school
  2. Get children in college
  3. Get a good job
  4. Have a family of their own
Personal Goals

  1. Complete my college education
  2. Get a better job
  3. Become a better parent


Parent #9

Family Goals

  1. Set family time (Game night, dinner)
  2. Teach the children the importance of respecting others
Personal Goals

  1. Stop disrespecting others
  2. Help with teaching and educating my children
  3. Bring religion back into the family


Parent #10

Family Goals

  1. Communicate more with my family
  2. Create a more positive atmosphere
  3. Do more together as a family
  4. Be more consistent
Personal Goals

  1. Put my family first
  2. Listen better as a parent
  3. Encourage family members more
  4. Be more understanding
  5. Refrain from name calling

Parent #11

Family Goals

  1. Start back having family fun night
  2. Bring more laughter to the family
  3. Allow everyone to share their personal feeling in a positive and respectful manner
  4. Want family to get along better
  5. Do something nice for each other
Personal Goals

  1. Finish nursing school
  2. learn to love myself
  3. Take time for myself


Family Goals

  1. Get boys headed in the right direction
  2. Happiness on the inside
  3. Positive attitude and secure in themselves
  4. More family trips.
Personal Goals

  1. Get healthier and loose weight
  2. Read more
  3. Special time for myself

Parent #13

Family Goals

  1. Help at home with chores
  2. Teaching my son and daughter to get along better
  3. Improve communication within the family
  4. Stability in the home
Personal Goals

  1. More family time at home
  2. Better structure
  3. Better expressing myself to kids
  4. Handling my money better
  5. Diet
  6. Get along better with my boss
  7. Being the best care giver to my mother

Parent #14

Family Goals

  1. Eat dinner together every day
  2. Communicate with each other
  3. No yelling or crying
  4. Trust my family members
  5. Love each other and not hate
Personal Goals

  1. Have less stress in life
  2. Have fun with the children
  3. Make more money
  4. Don’t quit sports
  5. Try to get perfect
  6. Improve attendance at work for whole year

Parents, please reflect on your need to establish goals for your family.  Most of the  parents spoke often about spending more time with family, understanding, listening and improving communication. You should encourage every family member to write personal goals.  This exercise will help you to focus on things to improve your family. Make it a fun thing to do after dinner or doing quiet time.

Written by Mr. Wisdom

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