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L.O.V.E (Life Line, Obsession (passion), Victory, Enhances

(1 John 4:7-21, Luke 10:25-37, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

Points to Ponder

  1. You should always be prepared to respond to an unexpected question regarding eternal life (Luke 10:25-26).
  2. Jesus expects you to love God with your heart, soul, strength and mind and to love your family and neighbors as you love yourself (Luke 10: 27).
  3. There are people who will not show you love nor respect but will take advantage of you (Luke 10:28-30).
  4. There are religious leaders and fellow believers that will see you drowning in misery and will not show you love (Luke 10:31-32).
  5. Jesus expects us to show love to our neighbor regardless of their condition or position (Luke 10:33-35).
  6. There are times when you must show love by utilizing your time and financial resources to help a family member, friend or stranger (Luke 10:36-35).
  7. Jesus wants you and your family to be a good neighbor to those needing love and mercy. (Luke 36-37)
  8. Love is unselfish, unconditional and always seeking to help others (1Corinthians 13:4-7).

Something to Consider

“Love is a very powerful word but many of us take it for granted. Jesus explained to an expert of the Jewish Law what it took to inherit eternal life. These simple scriptures truly define our priority as love relates to God and others. The only way we can truly give love and accept love is to be bound by these following words. Jesus tells us we must love God with our 1. Heart, 2. Soul, 3. Strength, 4. Mind and 5. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Our heart is the key to supplying nutrients throughout our body which is essential for our survival. The soul is our life-line that returns to God. Our strength helps us to give love and our mind helps us to stay focus on Christ’s love. Our neighbor could be anyone, your friend, boss, stranger, church family, next door neighbor and someone who has hurt you knowingly or unknowingly.

These simple words are the key to love. If we truly love God, we should show our love as Christ extended his love to everyone. Jesus is always available to show His Father’s love so others might come to know Him. The world would be a better place to live if we follow God’s truths. We must drown ourselves in God’s gift of love so it might overflow to the lives of others. If you feel, you are not being loved, express your feelings to God. He will give you the desires of your heart.

God is love and you are a benefactor of that love through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. You will find true love when you love God with all your heart, soul, strength & mind. God’s love is patient, kind, protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres, rejoices with the truth, not easily angered, never fails, does not envy, does not boast, it’s not proud, not rude, not self-seeking, & does not keep record of wrongs. As a child of God, you must show his love daily and your heart will be content. Avoid debating with people who don’t agree with your  faith. You should love them too with your heart.

Written by: Mr. Wisdom

Audio Sermon on love  click on Strawter Love

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Encouragements To Help You Live A Productive Life

I hope you will enjoy the inspirational words in this article. Please take the time to read this article and share it with your family. I was filled with joy as I compiled the words to inspire and encourage you.  I pray that you and your family will discover great encouragements that will  help you to live productive lives.

  1. The more you serve others the less likely you will encompass low self-esteem because of the joy you receive from the success of those you served.
  2. Today is a new day, make someone feel special by showering that person with love.
  3. Take time today to seek someone who needs to be encouraged and don’t  miss an opportunity to bring that person joy.
  4. Life will bring great pleasure when you learn to open your heart to assisting others less fortunate than you.
  5. Life is never simple but what you do with it will drive you to failure or success.
  6. Learn to forgive and trust God to fight your battles.
  7. Avoid revenge it can lead to destruction.
  8. Learn to agree to disagree it will help you to control your attitude and temper.
  9. Always resolve conflicts as soon as possible without fighting and you will feel better.
  10. Never seek revenge it will only hurt you in the long run.
  11. Life is so great when you enjoy your relationship with your spouse.
  12. Life struggles build strong character if you choose to endure with a positive attitude.
  13. Life is complicated but you must look beyond the challenges you face because there is a better future if you persevere.
  14. Life is complex but you have the power to understand and adjust as you travel down the road of life.
  15. You have the power within to overcome persecution but you must harness the energy within you.
  16. You must start your week of activities as though you will be productive beyond your imagination.
  17.  Open your mind and let creativity take control.
  18. Allow your whole body to experience the joy of being connected to God.
  19. Never allow your physical limitations to keep you from enjoying the success of life.
  20. Never allow your life to be governed by the actions of others.
  21. Stay in control of your life so you won’t regret your actions.
  22. You can move beyond hopelessness by focusing on the power of your heart and your ability to listen to God.
  23. The greatest love is to give love without expecting anything in return.
  24. Love your spouse everyday as if it was your last day to live.
  25. A person will not change a negative behavior until he or she is ready but you can motivate positive behavior.
  26. Allow unconditional love to rule your life and experience the wonders of peace and joy.
  27. Never expect someone to always agree with you because you will be disappointed.
  28. Communicate your feelings with respect and you will gain the attention you desire.

Written by Mr. Wisdom

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Parents Share Reasons They Love Their Children

This article is about parents sharing reasons they love their children. Each parent wrote, discussed and reflected on “Why do you Love your children?” The names were changed and their responses are listed below.


Ester’s Testimonial

1.      I love how they are spontaneous

2.      I love how creative they are

3.      I love how loving they can be and how they show it

4.      I love how they are there for each other.  They may have fights but in the end they have each other’s backs.

5.      I love to see them laugh together

6.      I love to see them dedicated to their grandparents and appreciate the fact they have them still in their lives

7.      I love that they have their health

8.      I love when they want to just hangout and watch television with me

9.      I love that every morning when they leave for school they tell me to have a good day and they love me.

10.  I love that at night before going to bed they tell me goodnight and that they love me

11.  I love that they want to help others

12.  I love that they want to learn about new things

13.  I love how they help out around the house

14.  I love how my son gets excited about learning how to fix things around the house.

15.  I love how they excel at sports and are competitive

16.  I love how they are dedicated to family and friends

Thomas’ Testimonial

1.      My thirteen (13) old is energetic

2.      He likes to make everything fun

3.      He gives me a different lens to look through

4.      I love the way he acts silly.

5.      I love how he dances and makes me laugh

6.      I love the way he needs my approval for a task that he has completed

7.      He knows everything, so he thinks! This gets irritating but I love that he wants to be part of every decision which shows he has leadership ability

“I love them because they are my children, they came from me and they are my blessings from God.”  


Amy’s Testimonial

1.      I love my children because they respect me and others

2.      They know how to act around others even when I am not around

3.      I love them because they are my children, they came from me and they are my blessings from God.

Parents, I hope you have enjoyed reading the testimonials written by parents just like you. Please take an opportunity to write down the reasons you love your children and then take the time to share what you have written with your children.  This will help you to build a better relationship with your children and create a memory that will live with your children forever.

Your children deserve your unconditional love. Encourage your children often and they will more likely become successful. Your encouragement will build their self-esteem and help your children become positive, successful adults. Do not fear expressing your love to your children. You are investing in their future. Success to parenting is about applying your life skills toward the development of your children because of your love for them.

Written by: Mr Wisdom

(c) 2010 EnviCare Consulting, Inc.    All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Love and Respect Your Spouse?

Ephesians 5:22-33

Points to Ponder

  1.  We must submit to our spouses with Christian love (Ephesians 5:22-24).
  2. A husband must love his wife as Christ loves us so she will shine with the love of Christ in her heart (Ephesians 5:25).
  3. The husband has the responsibility to lead, serve and guide the family so they may enjoy the fruits of Christ’s labor (Ephesians 5:26-29).
  4. A husband must treat his wife with dignity and respect (Ephesians 5:30).
  5. The husband and wife must be united as one but retain their own personality and identity (Ephesians 5:31).
  6. The husband and wife must persevere with love and respect towards one another regardless of the difficulties they face (Ephesians 5:32-33).

Something  to Consider

Often times there is a misinterpretation of the meaning of “wives submit to your husband.”  When you read the entire text, you realize that God expects the husband to apply Godly principles in the relationship with his wife. God does not control us but he has given us a free will.  Jesus demonstrated his love by serving mankind.  He gave us unconditional love in spite of our sinful nature.

Jesus Christ was totally committed to bringing salvation to us through His death on the cross.  Therefore, it’s very important for the husband to set an example by serving his wife and family.  Here are proven methods for both spouses to utilize in their relationship:

  1.  Know the love of Christ.
  2. Provide unconditional love.
  3. Respect your spouse with your heart.
  4. Encourage your spouse to utilize their gifts and talents.
  5. Support your spouse through difficult times.
  6. Empathize when your spouse’s emotions and feelings are not normal.
  7. Listen intently to every word spoken by your spouse.
  8. Spend time together at home and away from home.
  9. Agree to disagree without destroying the relationship
  10. Show forgiveness regardless of the situation.
  11. Apologize when you are wrong.
  12. Show mercy when your spouse makes wrong choices.
  13. Provide intimacy with a selfless heart.
  14. Provide spiritual guidance to your spouse and family.

Often times there is a misinterpretation of the meaning of “wives submit to your husband.”  When you read the entire text, you realize that God expects the husband to apply Godly principles in the relationship with his wife. God does not control us but he has given us a free will.  Jesus demonstrated his love by serving mankind.  He gave us unconditional love in spite of our sinful nature.

Jesus Christ was totally committed to bringing salvation to us through His death on the cross.  Therefore, it’s very important for the husband to set an example by serving his wife and family.  Here are proven methods for both spouses to utilize in their relationship:

The husband and wife should understand each other’s uniqueness and personality, which should complement the relationship.  Your priority should be about showing Christ’s likeness in the marriage.  This will help your children to build a strong family foundation as you model your relationship.  Don’t allow poverty, wealth, anger, lust, resentment, bitterness, or selfishness destroy the love and commitment you have towards your spouse.  Husbands should lead (It’s God’s design) by God’s standards and not by dictatorship.

Written By Mr. Wisdom

(c) 2010 EnviCare Consulting, Inc.

How to Build Relationship With Your Child?

Parenting is very challenging because each child has their own unique needs. The best approach to meeting the needs of each child is to build a relationship with them from the time they are born until they leave this world. You should always consider how your actions will negatively or positively impact the development of the relationship. Here are 12 steps every parent should consider in building a relationship with their child.

Step 1 Respect: Every parent should Respect their children in front of others regardless of their behavior. This will teach them how to respect you and others. Avoid trying to embarrass them in front of others in an attempt to change the negative behavior. It might work for the short term but long term it will backfire.

Step 2 Effort: It will take great Effort to understand your child especially when they are making wrong choices. When a child makes a wrong choice, take the time to talk with the child to verify why the choice was made. Don’t accept “I don’t know” but avoid getting angry because the door of communication must remain open. They will tell you the reasons for their decision,when they are ready, if the relationship is healthy.

Step 3 Love: When you child goes to bed or wakes up or comes home or telephone or e-mail you, tell them you Love them. Always give them a hug which will help them to relate to you and others. Avoid the trap of giving things to them to show your love. When you say the word, “I love you”, it’s more powerful. It’s sad to hear a child say my parents never tell me they love me. If you grow up in a home where your parents didn’t show love, you must not pass it on to your offspring. You have the power to change it.

Step 4 Affirmation: Every child has the desire to receive Affirmation from their parents about the wonderful things they are doing. Praise your child for the small things as well as the large things they do well. When they make a wrong choice, parents make a big deal of it. Yet parents don’t do the same for the right choices a child make. It’s not always about the great things a child does but it’s about the small things that will lead to great things.

Step 5 Trust: This one is very challenging for most parents. Most parents believe their child will make the right choice when they are around others. The big problem comes when the child violates the Trust. When your child has violated your trust, never attack their character but let them know you are disappointed in their actions. When you are angry with your child’s behavior, communicate your feelings with respect .Let the child know what is required to regain the trust. Make sure you discipline them for violating the trust out of love and don’t go overboard. The discipline should be based on current actions and should not be used as a dumping ground for previous behaviors.

Step 6 Inside: To build a strong relationship with your child, you need to know what is going on Inside of the child’s heart. In order to know your children, you need to spend time with each child collectively and individually. Breakfast, family dinner and church are great avenues to develop relationships. However, individual time spent with each child will give you an opportunity to build a deeper relationship. Every child’s heart is important. A healthy inside is developed by investing valuable time with your child.

Step 7 Opportunity: Avoid missing an Opportunity to support your child’s activities such as drama, field trips and sports. Do everything within your power to support your child. You also want to avoid getting too busy with activities which will drain you and the child. When you become too busy, your attitude might become unpleasant which could lead to damaging the relationship with your child. You must understand your limitation as well as your child’s.

Step 8 Nice: You must show you child the importance of being Nice by modeling the behavior. When your child is around you, they are observing every things you do. For example, have you ever looked at your child gestures or manners and they reminded you of you. Your child is observing how you treat others. You will never be a perfect parent, but should desire to instill great moral values in your child’s life. If you feel you have failed your child, let go of those feelings, start over again by investing wisely in your child’s life.

Step 9 Survive: With all the power you have within your being, never give up loving your child regardless of the wrong choices made. You want your relationship with your child to Survive. As a parent, you are training your child to be great citizens in this world. There are times when life is a struggle, and hopelessness as well as despair will overwhelm you. Don’t give up but teach your child how to survive with a caring heart and compassionate heart.

Step 10: Honesty: Model to your child how important Honesty is in a relationship. This will grant them greater success in life. You will have great reasons to rejoice in their success. When you see your child being dishonest, confront them right away with love. Make sure you have all your facts prior to discussing the issue. Ask the child about a different choice that could have been made?

Step 11 Intelligence: Use your Intelligence to deal with your child’s negative and positive behavior. Utilize various strategies to listen, understand and communicate to your child with wisdom. If you are experiencing problems with relationships within your family, don’t hesitate to get involved in a life skills workshop and/or parents support group. You are not alone; there are many parents who are in the same position. You have the power to make a difference.

Step 12 Prayer/Personal/Persevere: If you believe in Prayer, you should pray often for your child and family. God wants you to take Personal responsibility to train your child because the family is the heart of society. When the family foundation crumbles so will society. Your must Persevere when you are down and up. Don’t allow life’s problems hinder you from maintaining a fantastic relationship with your child or family. Be encouraged as you apply these twelve steps in developing a greater relationship with your child.

Mr. Wisdom

(c) 2009 EnviCare Consulting, Inc.