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Learn From Parents: The Reasons Teenagers Find Themselves in Trouble

In this article, you will find a list of reasons teenagers find themselves in trouble. A group of parents, in small groups identified many of the reasons.  Hopefully, this information will help you identify issues you are facing with your teenager and to seek the help they need to address the issues.

Reasons Teenagers Find Themselves in Trouble?

  1. Peer pressure
  2. Their Environment
  3. Truancy
  4. Parents not checking in on him or her
  5. Added stress of being a role model to their other siblings in the home
  6. Too much free time
  7. Boredom
  8. Not enough supervision
  9. Insufficient things to entertain themselves
  10. To get back at their parents for disciplining them
  11. Following older kids
  12. Changes in society
  13. Broken families
  14. Alcoholism and drugs
  15. No positive influences

Parents, there are many reasons that contribute to teenagers getting themselves in trouble. The above list does not include everything.  The more you are aware of things that impact your child the better equipped you will be to assist your teen. Broken families are the primary factor that contributes to the negative behavior of teens.  You have the power to shape the direction of your teen.  Although there are many other reasons teens find themselves in trouble, as the parent, you have the greatest influence on your teen’s life.

“A dose of forgiveness is the greatest medicine you can use when your teen is in trouble.”

Parents, you must stand up and provide your teen with the life skills needed in order to overcome troubles.  Get engaged in your teen’s life but don’t smother them.   Balance your concerns for your teen’s safety and yet give them an opportunity to learn the skills they will need as an adult.  You must trust your teen and be patient when they make wrong choices.  Maintain a great relationship with your children before and when they become teenagers.  A dose of forgiveness is the greatest medicine you can use when your teen is in trouble. Show unconditional love as you work with them through their difficult times.

Written by Mr. Wisdom


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