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Parents Reflect on The Importance of Attending A Parenting Workshop

 I have decided to share with my followers the reflections of parents who attended a parenting workshop. The parenting workshop focused on strategies useful for parents to raise and build better relationship with their children. As a reader, I hope you will obtain additional insight on changes you might need to enhance your parenting skills as it relates to your family.  There are duplications but it was necessary to communicate what parents have in common.  I believe their reflections on parenting skills are beneficial to individuals with children and individuals that plan to have children in the future.  I personally enjoyed reading their comments. As you read about what parents learned and what parents will do differently, you will observe that the common strategies needed to improve parenting skills are:

  • Listen better
  • Stop yelling
  • Discontinue walking away from the child
  • Improve communication
  •  Be more patient

 Listed below are parents’ reflections after they attended a parenting skills workshop:

 Parents Share The Things They Learned During A Parenting Workshop

  •  How to deal better with my children
  • I learned a lot about new ways to deal with my kids
  • Parenting skills
  • Learned new techniques and skills to use when parenting
  • Set goals boundaries and consequences. Tools to deal with confrontation
  • I need to listen to my children more than I am doing
  • I was a refresher
  • I learned ways to interact with my child
  • How to communicate with family and how good the teacher taught us
  • Take time and listen
  • Techniques to help me better in parenting my children
  • Think a lot more before I react
  • You get what you put into parenting
  • How to be a better parent and person
  • That you should listen to your children
  • Listen to your kids and never walk away from them
  • To listen to our children
  • Family values and how to be an effective parent.
  • How to listen before I speak
  • Listen and don’t walk away
  • I learned parenting is hard but with the right parenting skills and tools it can lead to a successful child
  • How to take the time to listen to my children before reacting
  • I learned I wasn’t the only one with these types of problems
  • How to talk to my children better
  • I learn a lot about myself and what I can do to improve my parenting skills
  • It was nice to be present with other parents going through the same thing

 Parents Share The Things They Will Do Differently After Attending A Parenting Workshop

  •  Listen more
  • Take time to really listen for my kids
  • Listen to my kids
  • Listen to my child more
  • Must listen and communicate more with my children
  • I will listen more and give them more power
  • Listen better
  • Open up the lines of communication with my daughter
  • Communicate with my family and try to stop arguing
  • I have learned a lot of things I will implement ASAP. The first thing I am going to do is stop yelling
  • I will listen to the needs of our child. Communicate with them and walk together in all areas of life
  • Listen before speaking and reacting
  • Try to listen better
  • Treat my children with respect
  • I will change the way and manner of approaching my children.
  • Listen before I speak
  • I will listen and I won’t walk away
  • I will improve my listening skills and spend more time talking and understanding my child
  • I will listen and not react negatively to my children
  • I will not to walk away from my child when angry. I will sit and listen
  • Spend more time with my children
  • I will be more patient and listen better
  • I won’t don’t yell and walk away when I get mad

 Written by:  Mr. Wisdom

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