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Family Provides Hospitality

(Genesis 18:1-15)

Points to Ponder

  1. There are times when the Lord will suddenly show up (Genesis 18:1).
  2. When you are close to God you will sense His presence (Genesis 18:2).
  3. When the Lord passes by, take time to fellowship with Him (Genesis 18:3).
  4. We must be eager to serve the Lord when He shows up (Genesis 18:4-5).
  5. We must always give God our very best (finest, choicest) and nothing less. (Genesis 18:6).
  6. Always stay close to the Lord (Genesis 18:8).
  7. Remember our Lord loves to dialog with us (Genesis 18:9).
  8. The Lord continues to confirm His commitment to the family (Genesis 18:10).
  9. You are never too old for pleasure, when the Lord makes a promise (Genesis 18:11-12).
  10. Do not allow your physical limitations lead you to doubting God’s promises (Genesis 18:12).
  11. Fear can lead to lies; we must always speak the truth (Genesis 18:13-15).

Something to Consider

We must always be ready to serve our God when out of the blue He appears before us.  God expects us to show great hospitality to Him and others.  When  God appears in person or vision or dream, we must be ready to hear a wonderful announcement that will forever change us. Our lives will never be the same but our hearts will be filled with great peace and joy.

The task may be difficult but we must ask ourselves is anything too hard for God? The answer should and must be no.  Take the plunge to dialog and fellowship with the Lord so that the impossibilities will become possible. Abraham and Sarah learned not to doubt God because the promise made to them was fulfilled.

Written by Mr. Wisdom

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