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An Uncle Fights for the Deliverance of a Nephew

Genesis 14:1-24

Points to Ponder

  1. When  you are in bondage, it can lead to rebellion (Genesis 14:4).
  2. People will eventually rebel against their oppressors (Genesis 14:5).
  3. Deliverance can come at a deadly cost (Genesis 14:5-7).
  4. Selfishness can lead you into bondage (Genesis 14:12).
  5. God will always provide a ram (Deliverer) in the bush (Genesis 14:13).
  6. God will never abandon the righteous (Genesis 14:14).
  7. You must have the right tools to deliver people from an oppressor (Genesis 14:15).
  8. When someone takes your blessings, they can only hold onto it for a period of time (Genesis 14:16).
  9. If the oppressed becomes the oppressor, they will receive a greater judgment (Genesis 14:17).
  10. God will draw others to you to affirm he is working in your life (Genesis 14:18-20).
  11. When you have been blessed, it’s important for you to bless others. (Genesis 14:20).

Something to Consider

When you take on the responsibility of adopting a family member due to the death of a brother, sister, relative or friend, the adopted person may create serious problems for the family.  If this happens, you must continue to love that person. You might need to fight for his or her deliverance by making personal sacrifices.  Abraham knew Lot made a selfish choice but was willing to submit to his nephew’s choice. Lots uncle continued to fight for him even though his nephew was very selfish. Sometimes a family member must find their own way through struggling. You must wait for their deliverance but do your best to assist.

A family member must be held responsible for his or her own actions.  Severe consequences may follow by the hands of God because they chose to disobey him.  You must believe that one day your  family member will change.  Life is not easy but with the power of perseverance you can overcome many issues.  Never doubt the Word of God that lives inside of your heart. 

Written by: Mr. Wisdom

(c) 2010 EnviCare Consulting, Inc.