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What Students Dislike About School In Their Own Words

Listed below are issues that teens are facing in school. The magnitude of the issues they are facing is alarming. Teens are very stressed out in school which hinders their ability to perform. This is a reflection of the challenges that families are facing in society. This makes it more challenging for teachers to teach.

What do you dislike about your school? (In their own words.)

  1. When people talk about me behind my back
  2. When people who make fun of other people
  3.  When people are messing with me
  4. Too many people fighting in school
  5. People hitting others get on my nerve
  6. When people say something about me I didn’t do it
  7. When I must comply with dress code at school
  8. I get angry when people tell someone else something I said and switch the words
  9. I hate that my mom don’t trust met
  10. I hate girls who think they are better than everyone else
  11. When people lie about me
  12. When people talk too much
  13. When people bully others
  14. When people talk a lot but don’t show actions
  15. When people act fake
  16. When people act tough
  17. People being mean to others
  18. When girls think they are cute
  19. The uniforms are ugly
  20. People who think they are better than others
  21. People who change negative for other people
  22. Boys and girls who can’t get over things
  23. Childish people
  24. Teachers who are slow
  25. People who get angry over dumb things
  26. People who judge you when you are dressed a certain way
  27. When people are hypocritical
  28.  When people are your friends and the next minute they are not
  29. People who are childish and interrupting

You hear so much in the news about public school systems failing to prepare students for the next level but you don’t hear very much about parents’ role in preparing their children for school .

Parents, you have the power to teach your child so he/she will be prepared to learn in school and how to deal with life issues. You are better equipped than teachers to give your child the skills to learn and retain information during the early years of his/her life.  You must prepare them before they start to school which help the teachrs to perform their job better.

You must work hard to provide your child with the tools needed to be successful. Why is it important? The list above gives you an idea of the things they will face in school as well in life. Your investment will make a major difference in your child’s life. Get involved with their school and get to know their teachers. Teach your child the basic skills he/she needs such as reading, oral and written communication.

Written by Mr. Wisdom


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