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Our Secret Place

When I read “Our Secret Place” it really touched my heart. It was written by my sister and it inspired me to share it with my followers. Please enjoy and let God speaks to you.

Our Secret Place

By Shirley Strawter

I met with God today in our secret place. It had been awhile since I had been there. I made up in my mind that this morning would be another morning that I would get up, and get out just to walk again. In the process of walking, my heart began to yearn for something greater than the walk itself. I discovered that it was our secret place wooing me to come and visit. Believe it or not, I wanted to go. In fact, I ached to go. No sooner had I headed in that direction, than I could feel the pull of God.

God had not left our secret place, I had.  He was waiting for me. He knew that I would come, and I was glad that I had come. I stood before Him humbled, broken, and inspired! Words tumbled before me, before Him – words of Adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication. I stood in awe of His wonderful, wonderful glory! Such a peace and a holy hush filled the area. I had to lift my hands, my heart, my being, myself to Him in total abandonment. He received my offerings, my presence, and the meditations of my heart. The flames of His love and power lapped up my offerings as if His thirst for them were greater than the offerings themselves!

What can I offer my God who has everything? What gifts could I possibly give Him that would honor His worth? The answer is a resounding “ME”!

I can give Him me, all of me! Whatever contaminations, insecurities, flaws, or inhibitions I have – He wants them all!  The secret places in our spirit and soul are His specialty. He can handle each one of them with perfection.  The Creator God loves His creation, His creatures, and I am so glad that He does.

Do you have a secret place that you can go to and experience God on a whole different level? Does your heart yearn and ache for His Presence?

If so, He waits to meet you there – alone, no cell phones, nothing but your thirst and your hunger. If not, ask Him to stir a hunger and thirst in your heart for a secret place to meet with Him. It will be personal and private, refreshing and fulfilling! In His Presence is fullness of joy, and pleasures forevermore.

My secret place for meeting with God birthed a new outlook on life and this writing – what will your secret place for meeting with God birth?

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