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Teenager Was Angry Towards Everyone Around Her


Colleen’s Testimonial

My name is Colleen. I was arrested for shoplifting. I was angry when I got arrested but for some reason it was towards everyone around me and not myself. I was stubborn and very hard headed. I had a bad attitude and my temper was out of control. At first, when I was told I had to attend a class for shoplifting, I thought it was going to be a boring class with bad kids. It turned out the class was amazing and the kids weren’t bad at all.  Keys to Success is the class and I learned many life-changing lessons by attending it.

“I would just walk away any time things weren’t going my way, or when I was getting angry”

I learned many things that I will never forget. I agree when it is said people don’t change overnight.  But after one month in the Keys class, I did change in many ways and all were for the better. I learned to control my attitude and temper and to stop and think before reacting to a problem. I never thought in a million years I would change from a stubborn teenager to a more mature young woman. This class has matured me in many ways. I have always had problems trusting and opening up to people. I would like to thank my instructor for giving me the strength to do just that.

The main thing I learned from the Keys class was to communicate. I use to just walk away any time things weren’t going my way, or when I was getting angry. However, now I feel I can communicate my feelings with respect. I recommend that any young teen in my situation that needs an eye opener take the Keys to Success class. I know it will help you, just as it has me.

Thank you again, you have truly changed my way of thinking and from now on I will make wiser investments in my piggy bank.

Teen Advice

Colleen’s is a typical teenager that sometimes struggles with making right choices when things are difficult at home. She chose to allow stubbornness, attitude, temper and anger to control her when things became difficult at home.  Colleen has a wonderful heart but needed someone to inspire and encourage her to move beyond her past. She has a new opportunity to create a positive story on her new journey in life. It won’t be easy but she has already won the battle because she has acknowledged the error of her ways.

Teens, as you read this post, you too can overcome stubbornness, attitude, temper or anger if you obtain the help you need. Life is short and you must do your very best to not allow these four things to control your life in a negative manner. Learn to communicate your feelings with respect as Colleen did with her parents. Learn to agree to disagree without destroying relationships with your parents, siblings or friends. Remember even if you have made wrong choices as a result of your stubbornness, attitude, temper or anger, you can choose a new direction for your life and rebuild broken relationships.

Written by Mr. Wisdom

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