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The Purpose of Trials and Tribulations

James 1:1-18

Points to Ponder

Have you ever wonder why God’s people go through trials and tribulations? This devotional is designed to help an individual to understand the reasons why people go through trials and tribulations. The study provides insight for an individual to overcome trials and tribulations.

  1. You must remain positive (righteous) during difficult times (James 1:1-2).
  2. You will be gain strength as you go through difficult times (James 1:3).
  3. You must not give up during difficult times, if you want to maintain endurance for the rest of your life (James 1:4).
  4. You must seek wisdom from God as you face difficulties in life (James 1:5).
  5. When you are facing difficulties, you must without a doubt expect God to guide you through all your situations (James 1:6-8).
  6. You must consider it an honor to have a humbling experience as you live your life for God (James 1:9-10).
  7. You will be rewarded for maintaining your faith through trials & tribulations (James 1:12).
  8. Your temptations never comes from God but from your own inner desires (James 1: 13-14).
  9. Your sinful desires can lead you to commit wrong choices which can lead to more difficulties and potential death (James 1:15).
  10. You are a gift from God through Jesus Christ. He keeps his promises and God wants you to enjoy life as you endure your difficulties (James 1:16-18).

Something to Consider

As long as you live, you will face problems. Some problems will be more severe than others and there will be times when you want to give up. God understands how you feel. You can’t choose when you will face problems but God’s words will help you deal with your negative situations.  He has given you some great tools to help you face trials and tribulations head on. In the book of James, he describes the purpose of trials and tribulations and how to handle difficult situations.

Here are Jesus’ expectations of you during difficult times:

  1. Remain faithful to the end regardless of the challenges you face
  2. Endure through the problems because it will make you stronger instead of weaker.
  3. Seek Godly wisdom which gives you the ability to make right choices during troubling times.
  4. Embrace the circumstances that cause humility.
  5. Remember you are a precious gift from God and you will be given the strength to endure.

Hold on to your faith and do not doubt the promises God has for you (Please read Jeremiah 29:11, 1 Corinthians 10:13). Every day you hear of people facing various kinds of challenges because of crime, earth quakes, tornados, floods, famine, diseases but people seems to rise above it.  People who love God have extra abilities to rise above natural or unnatural disasters. You must keep your heart focused on the end of your suffering or challenges during trials and trbulations. Your joy will be complete as you overcome your situations during trials and tribulations.  Consider life as a temporary gift to live on this earth to accomplish God’s will and your reward will be in heaven.  Heaven is where you will live an eternity with God.  Pray for strength so you will endure trials and tribulations to the end of your life on earth.

Written by Mr Wisdom


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