I Thought it Wouldn’t Change Anything

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The Teen’s Zone provides testimonials from students who have made wrong choices. It will also include essays, stories and feedback received from teenagers after attending an anger management workshop. Information included will be beneficial for both teens and parents. The teen’s stories are very compelling regarding issues they are facing and show how reluctant the teens are to obtain help.  Many parents are reluctant to admit their teen might have an anger problem.  It’s important not to hide the teen’s  anger under the rug because it needs to be dealt with quickly.  If there are issues with anger, it needs to be dealt with quickly because the problem will only escalate to something very undesirable for the teen and the parent.

Below is Dianna’s testimony (not her real name).  She is a very intelligent teen who is struggling with stress, anger, anxiety and low self-esteem. Her parents are very successful and have provided for her needs.  Yet, she ended up shoplifting. Dianna didn’t feel good about herself. Her feelings and emotions were keeping her from taking control of her attitude and temper.

I Thought it Wouldn’t Change Anything


Words from a teenager

Attending an anger management class really opened my eyes to a lot of life lessons. The instructor was very inspiring, probably one of the best I’ve ever had. Not only did he have good comparisons, he also had a lot of things to say and teach, I’ve learned how to invest positive things into my “Piggy Bank”.  I know now, how to control my attitude and temper, how to succeed not only in school but in life, and most importantly learned how to turn my life around.

“At first, I really was skeptical about attending the anger management class because I thought it wouldn’t change anything.”

 At first, I really was skeptical about attending the anger management class because I thought it wouldn’t change anything, but I was wrong. After the very first class, I was eager to come back. Sometimes my ride would be late picking me up and I would just sit and talk with the instructor. He would give me encouraging words and things to think about, I really haven’t met someone this nice and caring in a long time.

Over all, I’m thankful I got to attend an anger management class; I learned some important tools and life skills, specifically to control myself. I felt open and involved with the discussions. I completed my anger management workbook (Keys to Success: Getting Control of Mr. and Mrs. Attitude and Temper, Student Guide) easily because of the encouragement. I learned to turn my life in the right direction.


Dianna is determined to turn her life around. She is now headed in the right direction because she accepted help. It won’t be easy, but now she has the tools necessary to deal with life’s issues which will help her to be successful. Some key words listed in Dianna’s essay were nice, caring, encouraging, encouragement, changed and control. These words signify how important relationships are for teens.

The “Piggy Bank” is symbolic of what is deposited in your brain during your lifetime whether positive or negative. It is your decision regarding what you will retrieve from your “Piggy Bank” to deal with life’s issues.

Written by Mr. Wisdom

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