How to Get My Parents to Take Me Off Punishment?

Advice to Teenagers

You must endure the remaining time you have on punishment at home. I encourage you to complete your homework which will improve your school work and grades. One month isn’t too long compared to the amount of time you could spend in a Juvenile Detention Center for truancy.

You violated your parents trust which will take time to rebuild.  It appears you are more interested in getting off punishment verses reflecting on the wrong choices you made. Please apologize to your parents and make every effort to make right choices in the future. Your parents know you are not perfect. They want you to be successful in life. It’s not easy being a parent but we do our best to be responsible parents. We love our children unconditionally.

Your parents love you and they want the best for you. It’s important for you to re-establish your relationship with your parents.  Take the time to be the a wonderful son your parents expect of you. One day you will get married and become a father and a wonderful role model for your children.  Your parents are being great role models for you. I’m hopeful you will do the same in the future for your family.

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