I Refuse to Let My Mistake Ruin My Life

Here’s John’s testimonial about refusing to let his stupid mistake ruin his life after attending a Keys to Success class (Anger Management). This story is about a young man from Saginaw, Michigan.

John’s Testimonial

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have taught me so much. You have impacted my life. You showed me that I can rise above the bad choices I have made and that I can still be successful in life. You have helped me to realize that I am not a complete failure. I can live beyond my mistake. I refuse to let this one stupid mistake ruin the rest of my life.

You have showed me not to let people influence me negatively. I will only let people influence me positively. You have also taught me different strategies to control Mr. and Mrs. A.T. (Attitude and Temper). When I first came to the class, I had mixed emotions. I mostly was scared. But I thought you were going to be a big quack. Preaching at us about what we did wrong. Well I was completely wrong.

One thing, you are certainly not a quack. Plus you never preached to us. You gave us influential, easy, and practical information in a respectful, loving, and hysterically funny way. You made it fun and easy to understand. I have decided as you say “Invest wisely in your piggy back.” You were right. The more you invest wisely the more you will be able to retrieve from your piggy bank (brain).

“I am sick and tired of letting Mr. and Mrs. Attitude and Temper control my life and the way I think.”

I will accept your advice of taking control of Mr and Mrs. A.T., but also take the words yelling and screaming out of my vocabulary. The reason is because I am sick and tired of letting Mr. and Mrs. A.T. controlling my life and the way I think. Please keep on doing what you are doing. God has called you to do this. Thanks again, Love your friend, John.


John connected to his instructor because of the relationship that was built and the non-preaching attitude of the instructor. John realized during the class he needed a change to be successful. Now he knows that others care about him and that they can be a great influence in his life. He recognizes the need to invest wisely in his piggy bank if he’s to be successful and he will.

Parents, when you have a child that needs help with a behavior problem, find a person who can relate to your child. For example, there was a young man who parents sent him to a counselor for weeks and the son never made much progress in changing his behavior. The teen kept telling his parents, “I have not connected with my counselor.” He hated going to the counselor. He didn’t always tell the truth to the counselor, therefore it was difficult to make an accurate assessment.¬†

As a result of not connecting with the counselor, the teen became resentful and allowed Mr. and Mrs. Attitude to take control. In order for a counselor to impact the behavior in a positive manner, the counselor must be able to connect, respect and relate to the child. The child also needs to relate to the counselor. If the counselor hasn’t connected with your child after several weeks, find someone who can relate to the child. When you identify a counselor, ask for references and contact them before you put your child’s future in that person’s hands.

Parents, you have a great responsibility to raise your children during difficult times. ¬†Stay encouraged because you have influential power over your children’s life. Sometimes you won’t recognize the positive effects due to the distractions of your children’s negative behavior. Enjoy life and keep doing well the things you are doing and change the things you need to improve. Let unconditional love be your guiding light as you relate, and respect your children in a hysterically funny way. Model the life skills you want your children to pass onto the next generation.

Smile and believe in your ability to transform the life of your family in a positive manner. Fill your hearts with amazing joy as you build a wonderful legacy for your family’s name.

Written by Mr Wisdom

(c) 2009 EnviCare Consulting, Inc.

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