Importance of Family:How to Connect

Parenting is not always easy. It can be very challenging when you are overwhelmed by problems with your spouse and/or children.  You might feel as though your world is falling apart and there is no hope. Before you feel this way, seek help from other sources.  If you are already feeling hopelessness and despair, seek assistance right away.As a parent, you should never fear seeking the help you need.

Often before attending a life skills workshop, parents will feel it wasn’t necessary to attend. These parents felt that their life skills were adequate to raise their own children. After attending the workshop, the parents’ hearts melted because they realized they were not alone in dealing with personal and family’s issues.  The parents also realized that their life skills were deficient in some areas. Here are some powerful comments received from parents after attending an eight hour life skills workshop called Importance of Family: How to Connect.

What did you learn from the life skills workshop?

  1. To give your children hope.
  2. To be more open and listen to my kids.
  3. It verified that I am on the right path with my parenting skills. However, a few areas could be improved.
  4. Reminder of techniques and common sense approach in dealing with a child.
  5. How I need to change.
  6. How to speak, act and participate with my daughter.
  7. How to relate to our child better.
  8. To establish better communication with my child.
  9. Pick your battles remain calm and control your temper.
  10. There is no perfect parent and we all need to learn how to handle indifferences in a positive way.
  11. I learned that I need to let go a little bit so my son can prove I can trust him to do the right thing, even when he’s around others doing wrong.
  12. That communication properly done make a big difference in raising your children and that my children feelings matter and they are people too.
  13. How to be better connected with people especially youths.


What will you do differently as a result of the life skills workshop?

  1. Reassure my daughter more often.
  2. Take more family time and one-on-one time with my children.
  3. Be more conscious about my communication and listening efforts with my family.
  4. Attempt to apply these approaches in a more consistent basis.
  5. Talk to her differently.
  6. Interact better with the kids.
  7. Listen and understand.
  8. Listen and communicate better with my child.
  9. Watch my temper and try to listen better.
  10. Try and be a better person, a better mom, and a better spouse.
  11. Not to yell and be calm.
  12. Communicate with my son more.
  13. Try to mediate the problems by not yelling but to talk and ask questions about her feelings.
  14. Be more patient and understanding.


 Parents, hope is a very important word for you and your family. If you don’t believe your life will improve, you are losing the battle. Keep your heart focused on hope and eventually you will experience joy. Listen wisely and hear your children’s opinion even if you disagree.

 Common sense will go a long way toward dealing with your family’s issues especially a rebellious teen. If you need to change your behavior toward your children, don’t hesitate to change. Reflect on making the change necessary to make a difference in the relationship.

 When you speak to your children, choose the right tone of voice to achieve the desired outcome to foster behavioral change. Make sure you act and participate in your children activities. Children know if you truly want to spend time with them. Your actions will show, they are a priority to you.

 Communication is sometimes very difficult sometimes because parents do not listen very well. Parents are too quick to respond before the child has finished the conversation, especially when the parent doesn’t like what has been communicated. When communicating with your child, do not always assume the child understands. Lovely repeat what you told your child. It’s a good idea to ask the child to repeat what was communicated. You will need to be patient with the child through this process but it will be worthwhile in the long run.

 Take the time to relate to your children by spending individual time with each child. This may require thinking outside the box. For example, if your child attends a face painting party and asks you to paint your face, participate cheerfully with an enormous smile.  Your child’s appreciation will bring joy to your heart.

 Enjoy a new beginning as you take on new approaches to raising your children. Your children love you very much so persevere with power to build stronger relationships within the family.

Written by Mr. Wisdom

(c) 2009 EnviCare Cosnulting, Inc.

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