National Prayer Day

Thursday, May 7, 2030

Today is National prayer day so please pray for the following:

1. Pray for a spiritual revival around the world.

2. Pray for unity within God’s churches.

3. Pray for Christian leaders to represent God well.

4. Pray for Leaders around the world to be selfless.

5. Pray for every ethnic group will be treated with respect whether they are poor, middle income or wealthy.

6. Pray a vaccine will be developed to prevent people from getting the coronavirus without side effects.

7. Pray for our government leaders, Federal, State and Local to function to serve the people well.

8. Pray for every nations to treat their citizens with love and respect.

9. Pray for protection for service providers (doctors, nurses, janitors, cooks)

10. Pray for a decrease in the number of coronavirus infections, deaths and sufferings.

11. Pray the pandemic will end.

12. Pray for people facing depression and anxiety.

13. Pray for unity between the different political parties.

14. Pray for businesses to have an opportunity to reopen when it’s safe.

15. Pray for Arm servicemen and law enforcements around the world.

16. Pray for God’s mercy and grace to prevail for us all around the world.

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