Wasn't Judged by My Past Mistakes

Here’s Joe’s testimonial on the subject of learning something about himself.

I felt the anger management class was pretty good and very constructive. The instructor knew where we were coming from. He didn’t judge me over my past mistakes. When I first showed up to class, I thought to myself I shouldn’t be here. I really learned from my mistakes and it’s true that I have learned from my mistakes.

“I learned something that I didn’t expect to learn about myself.”

I learned something that I didn’t expect to learn about myself. I learned that I need to think before I react and respect others more. I hope that it will lead myself to be successful in the future.


It’s interesting that in Joe’s testimonial he was appreciative that he wasn’t being judged by his past mistakes (wrong choices).  This indicates that Joe had been judged in the past about his wrong choices.  Joe is not alone. Other teens have also mentioned “Why do people judge you or look at you and treat you differently when you have made a wrong choice?”

 It’s very important not to hold a teen hostage by past mistakes. It can potentially turn them into feeling hopelessness instead of hope. When hopelessness sets in, a teen will continue to make the same wrong choices because they have no reasons to change the behavior.

It is imperative that you give your teen an opportunity to prove they can make right choices. Help them to understand your love is unconditional. Show your teen you dislike the wrong choices they’ve made and you are not attacking them personally.  Only deal with the current issues you are facing with your teen.  Avoid repeating over and over about your teen’s wrong choices from the past. Make sure you are consistent in your approach to correcting your teen’s negative behavior without yelling or judging. Motivate the teen with your compassionate heart. Allow your teen an opportunity to demonstrate they have the ability to be successful. A listening ear and a merciful heart will make a major impact on your teen’s life.

Written by: Mr. Wisdom

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