We Must Not Fear but Pray and Unite to Survive.

By Billy J. Strawter, Sr
March 27, 2020

We must not fear but we must follow the guidelines as mentioned by the governor. Social distancing is critical to prevent the spread of the enemy, the coronavirus.

Michigan is now one of the fastest in the spread of the coronavirus. The Detroit areas have a major problem.

I hope everyone will pray for:

I. God’s mercy and grace.
2. An abundance of ventilators to be manufactured.
3. Sufficient masks for health care workers.
4. Assistance for those with less and for those loosing much, etc.
5. Manufacturers to step up and make an abundance of ventilators.
6. Unity between the States and the Federal Governments regarding equipment needs and financial needs.
7. Families and businesses struggling because of the businesses that are shutdown.
8. People to comply with social distancing.
9. Supernatural healing of those with the coronavirus.
10. An awesome vaccine for the coronavirus.
11. Leadership around the world to make wise decisions during these difficult times.
12. Peoples struggling to provide food for their family and money to pay their bills.
13. People who can’t see their love ones because of isolation.

Lastly, pray for our faith to increase and for others to come to know Christ.

Please stay educated about the evolving situation. I know it’s difficult to hear the bad news but we must stay informed to make right decisions. We must maintain hope. We need ventilators, doctors, services providers and other helpers to fight this battle.

God, please, please help us to fight this enemy trying to destroy your creation. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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